2006 Rules Now Available Encrypted

The 2006 rules are up and encrypted now.



Beat me too it :smiley:


I found this link http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/2006/frcdocs.htm#Section0 to work best

Get Published!

I LOVE this idea – give folks a place to go to find “best practices” BRILLIANT!

Joe J.

I know we are gonna probably aim for that.
We always aim high technically, and this is a great idea.

My hats off to the publishers. :slight_smile:

I read a bit more, you have to win an award at a regional to submit. I think this is good too. It will give the awards more gravitas.

Again, well done, FIRST.

Joe J.

Upn skimming, it says that the only motors in at the events will be :
CIM Motors
Nippon Denso Window Motors and Couplers
Fisher-Price Motors/Gearboxes

I liked those the best

It doesn’t necessarily mean that van door motors won’t be included in the kit, just that there won’t be any spares at the competition if you burn one out.

Questions about de-cryption:

  1. When will this happen?
  2. How will it happen? Will we have to download another file?

Thanks so much for this link.

No. Download all of them now (while the site is still up :rolleyes: ) and a password will be announced the day of kickoff. Try opening one of these documents now, you’ll get a password prompt. They have a test document you can use to make sure decryption works.

At the end of kickoff they will give us the code. This will unlock the doc’s but you need to keep putting the code in every time you want to view the file. After kickoff the encrypted files will be replaced with regular ones

I did find a software that allows a “put one password in and let it work for all times you open it” type magic, but I don’t recall the name.


Just make a Notepad file with the password once it is released on Saturday, and copy paste until you get the files without prompting after Saturday.

And, for all who are not near CD, make sure you write that password down very quickly and in the right case formatting when they reveal it Saturday.

It was only on the screen for like… maximum 15 seconds last year, which was not nearly enough time.

I hope they keep it up for a minute while someone is talking or something when they finally reveal it this year.

I know that when I went to the main kickoff last year, they had the password up after everything was over and people were looking at the field. they will probably do something similar to that this year.

I just found this tidbit in section 6 (transportation), page 5:
“FIRST will allow you to keep all of your robot controls (Operator Interface, OI power supply, joysticks, etc.) and not ship them with your robot on Tuesday, 2/21/2006. This will allow you to continue to work on your programming. If you decide not to ship controls with your robot, please remember to bring your controls to your initial competition. FIRST does not have replacement controls.”

Are you supposed to have an extra RC, though? You need that for programming work. The rule will, at least, give teams time to tinker with control board design.

Could this mean an interesting kind of programming and control challenge this year? Hmm…

I doubt the RC will change much from last year, so you could probably just use that. Our programmer will be VERY happy though:D

My thought is that the RC falls under the “etc.”

It could have been put before “OI power supply” in the list! The RC may not be considered part of “controls.”

Well, I don’t know…it IS a Robot CONTROLLER, and therefore is part of the “controls” per-se, but then again, you never know with those crazy FIRST people…
(just kidding, we love you guys)

I believe they said the same thing last year. remember, the brain box as I call it still needs 12 volt to operate so this might not mean that much.

Keeping those after ship date has been allowed in the past. I see no surprise there.

I saw that. That’s even more reason to aim high.