2006 SoCal FVC Regional

come on ppl give us some pics

I know it’s been a while since this tournament, but I’ve been looking through the forums to find the results of the different tournaments. Could someone post the team numbers of the winning alliance and inspire award team? Even better would be some pictures of these robots. I’m sure these robots will have changed a bit by the Championship Event, but our team would love to see the potential competition.

ummm. only problem with that is some teams do not want to reveal their designs to mass people.

I think we dont mind, i can show you a picture, well of the design that won Los Angeles Vex Championship. PM me and ill try to get you a picture, i cant seem to find it at the moment to put online.

Folks - Even if you don’t reveal your cool new designs… Can you just please tell us all who won the Game on the field and who won the Inspire (Team numbers and names); and the URL of any web site for the event. Some of us are trying to collect a complete list of the eligible teams before the event. Look here: http://forums.usfirst.org/showpost.php?p=10011&postcount=6

Pictures would ice the cake; but we will settle for just the names and numbers…


As to winners, I’m not sure about their VEX numbers but 599 and 1138’s vex teams won and I can’t remember their other alliance. I have some pictures if you want to PM me. I know I started the thread but I haven’t been keeping an eye on it. Sorry guys, I’ll upload pictures I have sometime tonight and post it later. Most likely by tomorrow. By the way, hats off to 1138’s delivery system. I’ve raved about it before but it was really very nice.

Anyone else out there recall the three FVC team numbers & names who won on the field, and the FVC number/name of the Inspire winner?


Okay so I couldn’t find any pictures of the final matches. These are all I have.










i dont think 1138 won FVC Los Angeles, but one of their teams did win the Inspire award in FVC San Diego, which means they will be there as well.

teams were :
599 - RoboDox
585 - (I dont know the name)

- the robot name was Teddy

hope this helps.

oh, inspire award was to team 399.