2006 St. Louis Regional Feedback

The St. Louis regional planning committee would really appreciate any comments or suggestions from the Chief Delphi community on ways that we can improve the event.

Please post your thoughts in this thread or PM me.

This was my first regional competition and I thought things were well planned out and organized.

I do wish there was a way that you could see what the scores/rankings were besides walking down to the pit area to check the score board out. The way the arena is laid out, it’s quite a walk to get down there and back just to report the team standings to the cheering crew in the stands. I’m not sure what can be done - but it doesn’t hurt to ask, right??



It surely doesn’t hurt to ask. This problem came up at our post-event RPC meeting. The suggested fix was to have another score/rank screen in the front lobby, or to put the score/rank scrolling display on the main center screen more frequently between matches, during field delays, etc.

Another suggestion was to play the game animation (also in the lobby) as an endless loop so visitors can figure out the game as they come in. A third was to post a large map showing teams’ pit locations (also in the lobby) so that visitors who are connected with someone on a team can find them.

We are working on ways to implement these ideas, and also on a way to provide wireless internet access at the venue.

Any other suggestions?