2006 UTC New England Regional!

According to FIRST’s list of 2006 Regionals, the UTC regional is not at the Meadows Music Center this year. Instead, the regional is at the brand new Connecticut Convention Center (CTCC) in downtown Hartford.

More info:


From the sound of their website, hopefully the CTCC will have more space than the Meadows. Also the sheltered parking lot and WiFi will be nice during competitions. For the past two years, there have been snowstorms during the UTC Regional. :rolleyes:

I’m excited. I haven’t actually been to the new convention center, but it looks really shiny from the website.

Is there an arena-like section to the convention center? If not, then where will the field be set up? (I haven’t seen the convention center either, so I’m curious).

According to the floor plan there’s no arena. Here’s a link to the page with PDF’s of the floor plan.

Maybe we could use the ballroom! :stuck_out_tongue:

From looking at the floor plans and description of the convention center it reminds me of McCormick Place in Chicago. If they want to do an arena they’ll have to set one up, otherwise it’s just wide open space.

The Meadows was a pretty crappy venue. I think it’s safe to say this place has to be better.

they bring in portable bleechers

It is a fabulous venue, and it is well equipped for what FIRST will be doing with it.

Also worth mentioning, they are breaking ground this fall for the new Connecticut Center for Science & Exploration, to be opened in late 2007 right across from the Mariott next to the venue.

And no matter how many times my father may say otherwise, the nickname of the venue is Adriaen’s Landing (named for Dutch mariner Adriaen Block, who in 1614 became the first European explorer in the Connecticut River valley region), not Adian’s Landing. Boy, did I get a ton of confused stares when I called it that! :rolleyes:

:frowning: Yes, it kind of cancelled our tailgating breakfast plans last year…
But as much as I loved the party atmosphere of the Meadows, I’m also looking forward to a new venue.

I was just at the new location for the UTC New Englands regional yesterday and it rocks!

The location is easier to get to than the medows and they have loading docks right next to where the pits are so no more going through the front doors to bring tools in. Parking is in a garage attached to the place so you don’t have to go through bad parking lots like that of the meadows.

Also the venue is HUGE. I mean, if they wanted to they could probably have more than one regional going on at once and no one would complain it was too crowded.

Basically, this is going to be the COOLEST REGIONAL ON THE WHOLE WHOLE EAST COAST

About the Wifi: I had my laptop on while at the NSTA convention mainly to play the promo DVD. The convention center does have a wireless network but it’s protected. You need to login to be able to use it. I’m not sure how you get a login, but I figured I let everyone know.

I wouldn’t count on having internet access at the regional.

To repeat Greg, I haven’t seen it yet. The outside looks nice though.

We think you’re going to really like the new venue. And we’re working hard to bring you the best regional event that we can!

So… who’s coming to the UTC NER from CD that I haven’t met yet?

I will hopefully be coming…

My team won’t be going this year, but since the New England Regional falls during my spring break, I’m considering driving down to volunteer.

I wouldn’t count on having internet access at the regional.

Most likely they will give out the password to there wireless account the day of competition, if they are going to allow anyone on at all. I do believe that is what RIT did last year at FLR, or they just unsecured their wifi.

Great, maybe we’ll get a chance to meet! Don’t forget to register in VIMS if you are planning to volunteer for a FIRST event. The sooner the better, so the volunteer coordinators’ jobs are made easier!

Team 4 from Southern California is coming to volunteer! :cool:

Team 4 from Southern California is coming to volunteer!
We’re planning lots of snow for you guys while you’re here… :slight_smile:

1524 going to be there, im wondering who else? :confused:

I will be there and look forward to seeing everyone in March!