2006 VEX Game Announced

The VEX Game has now been officially released. Get it here

Here’s a link to the entire manual and supporting documentation.

I’m just a spectator when it comes to Vex, and right now I’m really jealous of anyone who gets to take part in this game. Definitely should be a lot of fun. I’m especially interested in how the tournament structure will play out, with autonomous and operator controlled matches. This increased emphasis on autonomous mode will force teams to take that part of the challenge more seriously.

Kudos to the game designers on making a challenging and interesting game.

Finally, they got it out. I helped to do some testing with this game, and let me tell you, it is a LOT of fun. I can’t wait so see how some teams are going to go about it.


Chapter 2: The Game “Half-Pipe Hustle” (pdf - 1674 KB)

Sounds like a familiar idea…


but… prolly not.

haha … how about that …
foreshadowing award goes to Elgin … what a mind

Has anyone tried to access www.vexgames.com for the FVC field specifications? The only thing posted, to date, is “Thank you for visiting our site. Please return soon for updates”. I know I should have taken more photos when I went to the X-games this summer! Now I’m going to have to mug a plumber for his half pipe. :ahh:

All of the field specifactions should be in this document. You can use these to build your own parts. According to the FIRST website, the vexgames.com website will sell playing field parts.

Thank you, Art! Thank you, gracias, danka, domo, grazi, merci! :yikes:

Can anyone tell me that LATEST DATE that a team can register?

According to FIRST Vex FAQ, it depends on which event you are participating in:

Registration will be staggered, with registration closing at 12 noon EST on the following dates:

October 21, 2005 FVC/FLL St. Louis, Missouri Newark, Delaware
November 11, 2005 FVC Ft. Worth, Texas Orangeburg, South Carolina
December 2, 2005 FVC/FRC Hartford, Connecticut Duluth, Georgia

events, at this point are not full … keep registering. If you feel you will miss a date or need some registration info, contact FIRST

Thanks PeteK and Rich.

We are within 2 days of our deadline. I would like to know who will be attending the St. Louis Regional for VEX so maybe I will recognize a face or two.