2006 Vex Season and new accessories announced

The announcement of a second season and the prices for the new accessories coming in August.

Mike M.

That’s some good news and the prices for accessories seam reasonable, but still no word on signups and regionals huh?

Does anyone know where the regionals will be held and how much the entry fee will be?

:eek: :eek: :eek: WOW!! That is really sweet! I can’t wait for the new season and the new accessories! Everything really does look reasonable in price so I’m good! (If my teammates read this, DON"T PICK ON ME BECAUSE I LOVE VEX!) :stuck_out_tongue:

i can’t wait for this stuff to come out… i love playing with it! VEX is way cool!!! omini’s and treads…sweet!!!

too bad i don’t have a lot of money else i would buy my own kit for college…

Do you guys think that the starter kit they are currently offering is going to change at all in August, with the release of all of the new products? Possibly go from version 0.5 to version 1? If so, what changes do you think will take place?


Its hard to say right now whether they will add the new components or not. If you keep in gear with the VEX site @ www.vexrobotics.com maybe they will release information about the accessories and if they will come out in version 1 ( if they plan to upgrade this soon). You never know whats gonna happen. Besides, they just might leave the kit the way it is at the current time to keep the price of the starter kit reasonable. Anyways, when the time comes for you to use that part you want, you can always buy it for your wicked sick machines! Good luck and have fun! :wink:

Okay I forgot this part! (My bad) If they were to come up with version 1.0, they might add one or two or more of the new accessories. Like the programming mod. or sprocket/ chain set would be my guess. Maybe a few more mechanical parts. I hope this helped in someway despite my lack of sleep. :slight_smile:

Cool, I’ve been looking for info on when the next (first official I guess) season because my team is thinking of getting involved in mentoring for Vex. Looks like a lot of awesome new add ons for the basic kit. I guess that more info for the competitions will be out shortly, but I can’t tell whether or not the next season is this fall or next fall because it says “Fall 2006” in the header at the top, then it goes on to say “This Fall, RadioShack and FIRST will announce the regional competition structure for the 2005/2006 FIRST Vex Challenge”, also mentioning the 2006 championship. Can anyone in the know with Vex clarify this?

Here are your regional events and other updated information:

-hit refresh if you were there recently
-final costs are not yet available, but will be forthcoming soon.

Woohoo! South Carolina gets a regional!!

(For anyone not familiar with the area, Orangeburg is about an hour south of Columbia along I-26, about halfway between here and Charleston. It’s not the quick trip to Palmetto I’m used to, but it’s definitely within range if you went to Palmetto.)

I can’t wait to hear more about FVC this year. It’s gonna be good.

The Sharon Youth Robotics Asscociation (SYRA) has posted photos of the three new released Vex kits on the eaglevex.syraweb.org website, along with other content from the Vex demo season.