2006 Waterloo Regional

Any teams staying at the The Howard Johnson Hotel in Kitchener ?

Truck Town Thunder will be staying at the Best Western St. Jacobs Country Inn. We should be getting in about 10pm tonight (Wednesday). We can’t wait for another great time, hopefully just as good, if not better than last year’s competition!!

I just walked by the PAC on the way back from a tutorial, and it looks like everything is set up for tomorrow! I can’t wait :).

edit: I thought I might add one thing.

If any of you are going to be wandering around the campus this weekend… watch out for geese! Now that it has come to “spring” (it’s still freezing :mad: ), they have become all territorial and are hissing at people and honking while standing on top of buildings and such.

There’s one pair in particular that you’re probably going to run into though (I think they have an egg in the garden) outside one of the Red enterances… the one closest to the student life centre. But yeah. They were just hissing at me when I went in there to check out the setup haha. So be careful!

Practice matches have begun today at Waterloo! The level of competition has increased this year, with the feeling that this regional could turn out to have one of the most energetic atmospheres and packed houses in recent memory!

Early teams that appear to be working quite well are 68, 610, 1503, 931 to simply name a few. Remember that this regional boasts the triplets and a number of competitive teams from GLR!

Also sporting a new look is our emcee Karthik, looking sharp in a well-fitted blazer, somewhat offsetting his new hairstyle!

How’s my new favorite rookie team 1901 doing?

As I wasn’t there today I do not know how we did,but I know that tomorrow everyone on our team will be there. We will be alot louder than we were at FLR, at least for Friday, because we are bringing I think 80 students from our school to come and watch the competition. Since we are a small team this year we would like to inspire more students from our school to join next year. 80 students may not seem like alot to some of you because you have huge schools, but for us, we have alittle less than 600 students in our school. So, we are really bringing 1/6 of our entire school. hopefully we will have a bigger team next year.

Thats great to hear. Good luck

How’s 1305 looking at the regional? I see that they’re ranked 11th after friday :ahh: and this comes as a surprise to me since they’re probably one of the best teams up here in Canada.

Can anybody update us on the Waterloo regional? The FIRST website doesn’t seem to be updating it this morning.

Waterloo Alliances

1.) 1114 1503 1281
2.) 1219 1596 912
3.) 188 610 771
4.) 1680 1901 931
5.) 68 1305 1558
6.) 854 830 1189
7.) 1846 772 859
8.) 1084 781 1605

Wow…two of the triplets are at it again. Tough!

Congrats to 830 for making it to eliminations…

Good luck everyone!

Any update?

Check the match results.
Looks like they’re keeping up pretty well now.
108-0 first match for the number 1 seed.
Just ugly. :ahh:

My estimations on how it will go.

Waterloo Alliances
QTR Finals:
**1.) 1114 1503 1281 ** Vs. 8.) 1084 781 1605
2.) 1219 1596 912 Vs. 7.) 1846 772 859
3.) 188 610 771 Vs. 6.) 854 830 1189
4.) 1680 1901 931 Vs. 5.) 68 1305 1558

Semi Finals:
1. 1114, 1503, 1281 Vs. 4. 1680, 1901, 931
**2. 1219, 1596, 912 ** Vs. 6. 853, 830, 1189

1. 1114, 1503, 1281 Vs. 2. 1219, 1596, 912

Winners of Waterloo 1. 1114, 1503, 1281

Well you’re already wrong (and very late).
4 seed is already gone.

i was posting it and watching Boston, but yea i just saw 1901 bumped out. but everything else will fall into place.

Finals looks like its going to be the number 3 seed 188, 610 and 771 vs the number 1 seed 1114, 1503 and 1281.
Even though it looks like 1114, 1503 and 1281 are going to win yet another regional, I think 188, 610 and 771 are going to put up a fight and give them a run for their money

I got word that the 1114, 1503, 1218 alliance has won.
Great job!

Congrats to 1114,1503 and 1281 and 188,610, and 771.

ehem… out in the first round, got it a little wrong on the predictions there :stuck_out_tongue: . I presume that you did not see us play with 188 and 771, true teamwork in action :yikes:.