2006 Web Hug Video Online

The 2006 Chief Delphi Web Hug video is on Google Video if anybody missed it, or wants to relive the moment:


Awesome job.

And a thank you to the camera person who got a nice shot of the top of my head when I was signing the T-shirt. :smiley:

I still get a kick out of the resounding ‘boo’ for poor Amanda.

My umbrella hat got stolen. grrrrr.

This video made my night, how can I save it to my computer?

On the right pane, there is a “Download” button, and then there is a drop down menu to delect whether you want Windows/Mac video, iPod video, or PSP video. If you choose Windows/Mac, download it, open it with the Google Video player (it will prompt you to download it if you haven’t already), let it load the entire video, and then look in My Documents>My Videos>Google Videos>some-video-name.gvi and there it is.

If you want, you can leave it as a .gvi file and watch it with Google Video player. But you can also rename the file extension to .divx and watch it with DivX player (or any player that supports the DivX codec).

That’s definitely some good stuff right there.

Why would I wave to a helicopter?? Eh… the things you do when you are just having fun I guess. lol
And I still can’t believe my hair was really that blonde… err… white at one point!!! :ahh:

Thanks for sharing this. It brought back a lot of great and interesting memories. :cool: