2006 Webcast

For those of you like me stuck at home during Atlanta, we’re in luck! Here is the link to the webcasts from each field. I’m sure that you’ve all found this already, however I just made the discovery and was very excited. Enjoy!

I went to this link at 9:46 on Thursday and the page cannot be displayed. Is anyone else having trouble?

Hmmm, still working for me, I use Internet Explorer

its been working for me fine and ive had it on since 915ish.

That’s odd I watched the earlier regionals no problem. I have tried several computers at work. I guess it must be on my end :confused: Thanks for the quick reply.

Its working but it doesn’t look like they are showing all the fields yet? I mean they are webcasting them but archie, and galileo seems to just have sponsors lists :frowning:

Yeah archies down so you wouldn’t be able to watch 357 right now anyways… I’m having the same problem with 1902 being in archie hehe

Anybody have a match list for today?

I know it’s only pratcie but it’s useflul info to know

You don’t understand I get no web page when I click the link. I get “page not found”. I can’t acess www.nasa.gov at all. What I really want to see today is the VEX competion. My VEX team won the Delaware Regional but we could not make it to Championships due to scheduling issues.

EDIT: I got it to work. When things go wrong on a PC , Restart. Now the link to the webcats work!

For those that are using firefox.

The page will not open. If you have Internet explore open that and paste the reflector address for either windows media player or realplayer in the browser. It will open.

I’m using Firefox and the webcast page opens fine for me. The only thing that doesn’t work well is the Windows Media feeds, which I have to save to my desktop and open up manually. Realplayer opens fine as well from the webcast page.

Is it just me, or is the video quality really bad? I’ve seen other webcasts, and their quality was way better. Is it just for Thursday, permanent, or this PC?

For future reference, if the video quality is bad, then refresh the reflector. And if everyone knew that, then I’m repeating it. :slight_smile:

Have you tried opening a new tab for WM feeds? That’s what I do, and the Windows Media players opens up right away for me. Maybe it’s just my PC, running Windows XP Pro, WM Player Version 10, and Firefox

so what fields is everyone watching?

Im watching Galileo, Newton, Curie and Archie

da Vinci.

Galileo. I’ve been waiting for my team to show up.

Curie, Galileo, and Newton at moment at the moment. During my study block and lunch at school I was watching all of them

Remember at 4:45PM (my time) (20 minutes from now) that Dean Simmons & the Kamen Brothers will play for the Thursday WFA ceremony. Be sure to check it out as the band makes their big stadium debut!!!

(I’m guessing it will be on the Einstein webcast).

Anyone got access to da Vinci (FVC) match results / seedings? I’ve been enjoying the webcast match-by-match, but it would be nice to see the bigger picture, too.

I heard there are 51 FVC teams competing. I’ve seen a couple of high-scoring matches; e.g., 50+ points.