2006 West Michigan Regional

With it a short 3 days away, might as well start the thread. Good luck to all!

It is looking Pretty tough.

5 Regional winners (494,85,67,1506, 1272)
5 Regional Runner-Ups (494,70,451,141 Twice,1602
1 Number 1 seed- (70)
1 Number 2 seed- (33)

And several other strong teams

Alright I added 1272

Is there going to be a webcast for the West Michigan Regional?

Not from Nasa
Palmetto Regional
Columbia, SC
March 30 - April 1

Greater Toronto Regional
Mississauga, ON, Canada March 30 - April 1

Lonestar Regional
Houston, TX March 30 - April 1

Mabee some other group will pull it off (Wildstang)

I do not believe that there is going to be a webcast for WMR

I also would like to see where everyone is staying in grand rapids during the competition?

i know team 66 (the flyers) are staying at the Spring Hill Suits and jsut wanted to know who was stayin where … because we had so much fun last year with team 27 (rush) in the pool (if you were there u would have laughed so hard) but n e ways just let us know :smiley:

Defently pumped for the West Michigan Regional. Alot of good teams are going to be attending.

I come up with:

  • 5 Regional winners: the list above left off our partners from Boilermaker - 1272
  • Lots of opportunities for surprises: 13 untested machines and 5 rookie teams
  • 25 Award Winners: 10 of them design awards (including 33’s two Delphi Awards)

I think it will be a lot of fun. Don’t forget that Team 85 is one of the closest teams to the event. Our shop is around 12 miles away. Don’t hesitate to ask any of us for information about the area or for exotic spare parts. Of course, any of the local teams (74, 85, 107, 141, 288, 518, 858, 904, 1227, 1500, 1654) and our great regional volunteers will also be happy to help.

im pumped and i wont even be there haha!

Oh and don’t forget team 66’s chairmans award …

just wondering who is the 13 untested machines ?? could u list them please i was just wondering abotu that :confused:

Grand Rapids hotels are good, but you might want to look at some of the Holland hotels next year. As for the web-cast, NASA or FIRST should really consider adding West Michigan to there line-up. We always have a great competition. Again if you need any help or some ideas for what to do during the weekend, all of the Holland area teams should be glad to help.

nods I’m sure anyone from the many local teams would be way more than willing to help out. I wouldn’t hesitate to help those who need the help. I shall only be there Saturday though (family related stuff in the way), so if you want to talk to me, I’ll be there on Saturday wandering the pits and collecting buttons…

Team 107 can bring our small cnc mill along if some needs parts on site or have
access to a machine shop 10 or so miles away.

jim :slight_smile:

Team 234 is looking forward to attending this regional. It should be amazing to see all the great midwest competition in one regional.

Oops, I found 12 teams, not 13 with only one event listed.
288, 518, 1227, 1256, 1327, 1447, 1500, 1674, 1677, 1783, 1918, 1940
It looks to me like all teams with two events are not going to nationals.

While I think this is right, the data analysis I did to get it could have produced errors.

Nothing yet about a webcast but I will be recording all the competition via DVD and uploading the video to my server in the evening. I will see if I can get my friend at GVSU to help me with the idea of a webcast, I meant to work on it about 2/3 weeks ago but i’ve been really busy.

All matches that I record will be of high quality DVD quality ( 2-4 hours per disk)

-Mike Aalderink

There is no webcast planned for this year but the committee is working on having a webcast for future events. When we get it set up next year it will be accessible thru the regional website. Sorry we can’t get it this year.

Great News, I was just informed that GVSU-IT is offering wireless access to the organization and participants of the Robotics competition throughout campus.

The Bluesocket login below will be activated from now until midnight Saturday.

as for team 66 we went to 2 regionals this year …Great Lakes regional and West Michigan and we are also going to nationals so i guess i will see most of You at nationals :smiley:

Well, I hope the practice day went well for those teams competing there right now. See ya Saturday!

My impression of West Michigan regional after the first day.(compared to Midwest regional )

  1. Robots-I think the competition is more compressed ,meaning the distance between the highest level teams and the lower teams in not as great.

  2. pit area -48 teams and the split pits is a great idea.wide Ilse and plenty of room.

3.food- fair prices $2.00 pop and water about half the price of Chicago.

  1. **parking **-FREE

5.Staff Overall staff seems well trained and organized at both events.

Great job to the organizer and staffs

Good luck on Friday and Saturday to all the team

Jim schaddelee