2006 Wisconsin Regional

Since all the other regionals are starting to get their own threads I thought it was about time to give some publicity to the up and coming Wisconsin Regional on March 23-25, 2006 at the **US Cellular Arena **in Milwaukee!

The Regional Planning committee is excited for this rookie regional in Wisconsin and we hope it is one of the best in FIRST.

We have an amazing social planned at the Milwaukee County Zoo, featuring a classic Wisconsin Tailgate and music from the one and only Dean Simmons and the Kamens.

The regional so far has 33 teams and will feature the always awesome announcing crew of Dan Green and Paul Copioli and some other great surprises.

Can’t wait to see all of you in March!

Green and Copioli?!

Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers??!!

To quote the inimitable Paul Copioli, “Are you kidding me??!!”

Even if we weren’t competing, we’d come to Milwaukee just for the party!

Can’t wait to see all of you there!

Team 862 is coming out there and we can’t wait!

(Especially for the classic tailgating. Although with high school students involved I’m not sure how ‘classic’ it will be! :slight_smile: )

‘Classy’ tailgating…that’s how we do it :wink:

This is going to be a regional for the ages…I Gau-ran-tee! I think Ricky has a candidate for understatement of the year when he says “…and some other great surprises.” You will NOT be disappointed when you come to Milwaukee =)

Look for the official regional website to be updated this weekend with tons of information: www.msoe.edu/wisconsinfrcregional

Also, be on the lookout for the official call-out for social “help.”


Quick update on the WI Regional:

The Social now features 2 Bands: The Briggs Bluesbusters will be opening for DSATKB.

This Briggs & Stratton house band has 11 members (eight are company employees), including John Shiely, chairman, president and CEO, as rhythm guitarist. The Bluesbusters have opened for top bands including: The Beach Boys, Ray Charles, Blood, Sweat & Tears and James Brown. They have also competed in Fortune Magazine’s Corporate Battle of the Bands at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, finishing #2 in the competition. The band plays covers by soul and blues-based rock artists as well as the company anthem “Briggs & Stratton Man.”

Also it looks like we will be grilling up over 3,000 Wisconsin brats and hot dogs. This will be the Largest FIRST Tailgate ever.

We also now have some very special guests committed to the regional. You will have to wait and see who those will be. :slight_smile:

For teams attending, look for an email after Ship Day with more regional details such as social directions, venue parking, and things of that sort.

Hey teams!

Team 537 is looking forward to competing for the first time in our home state of Wisconsin. If you plan on attending the regional, tell us so!

Also, we plan on making our scouting report for a certain team available for that team so that they may judge their own performance, so you might want to find out where our data entry team is located.

See you all in about a week!

862 is looking forward to competing at the Wisconsin Regional. Check out our PS2 Controller in our Pits.

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Both of the Martians are going to be there. This is going to be on heck of a regional.

Alright, a tailgate, that’s what I like to hear.

For any interested teams, team 93 will be broadcasting our scouting data throughtout the pits. We use the STAMP scouting program, and will have a programmer there. More info on this to come.

From what I hear, some special songs are being cooked up just for the Wisconsin Regional.

Has anyone ever heard the Offspring sing about lubricating gearboxes? heh.

Andy B.

Well if any teams in the area get Milwaukee Channel 12 News, you may have seen 269’s Ricky Quinones and Elise Janowak in studio talking about the Wisconsin Regional and FIRST Robotics in general. It was pretty cool, except they just came back from Boilermaker, which means that they are probably sleeping all day today. Good job to you two, and Eric Hoffman as well, even though they didn’t show him… poor eric.

The other Andy B.

Anybody know about a webcast or if NASA TV is going to be broadcasting? See you all there! Say Hi!

dont think so.


Tyler, it is likely that the Wisconsin Regional will be webcasted. At the moment, the NASA Website has WI listed as tentative. Then again, BMR was not on that page and they were webcasted for the entire weekend, as far as I know. I’m sure Ricky Q., Kevin Kolodziej or someone else from the WI Regional Planning Committee will give us a heads up on Thursday or Friday about a link to the 'cast. As the site says, stay tuned!

Team 81 is going to the Milwaukee regional, and I am so happy it’s almost time to see “Double Vision” again! (That’s the name of our 'bot.) :slight_smile:

The regional will be webcasted, look for a link from here and on the regional website (http://www.msoe.edu/wisconsinfrcregional)

WOOT! Who’s pumped for tomorrow?

I know I am!

Bring on the Cheeseheads!!!