2007 Autodesk Inventor Design Competition

Reviewing the Autodesk Inventor Design Award rules, I see a little change in the award judging process this year:

Judges will review all entries. Five finalists will be selected to advance to peer voting.
You can read the details on how peer voting works on the Autodesk site. Interesting…

This is interesting. Does this mean they will put the top 5 up on streamline for the participants to download, or will they be posting them on the site?

Oh well, i guess it has to be the best of the best than this year.

Big de-motivator this year with them pulling out of regionals. But I still plan on doing this this year as I have already gotten the OK from my teacher for Inventor in the schools to let me and other robotics students start making parts for prototyping easier. Only con is that we must be there at 5:30 AM and gotta leave before class starts at 7:00 AM.


Does anyone know what compression formats we can use? 7-Zip, pk3, RAR, etc? Or just .zip?


That is amazing dedication on your part and your fellow team members, Pavan, and also on the part of the teacher who is willing to be there @ 5:30.


no afterschool? thats rough. My teachers let me stay in the room till whenver i want to leave, just “close the door when you leave”. Generally i just play around making the website or the robot prototypes till 5 when the meeting starts and then do mechanical till 9.

But yea 5 to be peer voted eh? this could be good or it could be really bad. Good Luck All. Personally i think this is the most prestigious award among firts robotics. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve, but i don’t know if one man can hold enough tricks to dish out a win…

Um… Isn’t that illegal? We always have to have a district approved, adult mentor present to be on school campus…

As for the original point of the thread, the new process won’t stop us from submitting our designs, as always. (we’ve never won, but we’ve tried a lot)

Haha our team ran into a conflict this year where instead of having inventor on the school computers (like every other year) instead we had to install them on our home computers (nobody on the design team has laptops ;_; ) and we bring our towers to the school and back home every night… it’s gonna be a long six weeks!