2007 AVA changes

Unfortunately there won’t be regional awards this year, or rookie & honorable mention awards at the Nationals.

This was posted by Autodesk on FIRSTbase:

  • The Autodesk Inventor Award winner will be announced at the FIRST
  • The Autodesk Visualization Award winner will also be announced at the
    FIRST Championship. There will no longer be regional Autodesk
    Visualization Awards.
  • For both competitions, entries will be submitted and available for
    public viewing on the Autodesk FIRSTbase website.
  • Autodesk judges will review all entries and advance 5 finalists for
    each of the two awards.
  • The 5 finalists will be posted to the Autodesk FIRSTbase website
    approximately two weeks before Championship where FIRST Robotics team
    members can view and vote for the final winner.
  • Voting for the final winners in both categories will also continue
    on-site at the FIRST Championship.
  • One winner for each award will be announced at the FIRST Championship.
    Please note that there will no longer be an Honorable Mention or Rookie