2007 best tube scorers

I’m going to have to say Team 75 and Team 25 [based off of the NJ Regional] and team 56 and 375 are doing pretty well 2with their’s at the NYC Regional. I may add another one or two after Long Island :cool: So for now, my favorite are (in no order) 75, 25, 56, 375

Yeah it looks like 494 does as well. Should be a good competition at Buckeye!

Thanks! I’ll have to pass that on to them, I know they’ll be extremely pleased to hear it.

I forgot about 148, they’re really potent, and 234 was just plain awesome.

I’ve only seen UTC, but 195 or 1124 would have been my first choices. (I was actually thinking this when alliance selections started, so I was very proud of myself when they won.) 236 was looking very good from what I saw of them. I also really like 716.

If you happen to have been at UTC, you may note that these are all robots that were on the practice field a few times. This has nothing to do with the fact that I spent my entire weekend there (until after the quarter finals), so I didn’t see that much of any robots that weren’t there very often/ever. I swear.

Team 330 and 1622, already mentioned, are amazing.

I also like the twins, (968 and 254) but no offense to 254, I think 968’s driver is a bit better. Still they have a great robot.

I have some numbers from SVR. They might not be perfect, but they’re at least close:
TeamId ScoreAvg
100 3.5
114 3.375
254 3.125
852 2.375
668 2.125
987 2.125
604 2
971 1.875
368 1.625
692 1.625
2024 1.5
190 1.375
1280 1.25
115 1.125
1560 1
192 1
2141 0.875
846 0.875
2035 0.75
766 0.625
1544 0.5
1693 0.5
253 0.5
1458 0.25
8 0.25
973 0.25
2135 0.14285715
840 0.14285715
256 0.125
581 0.125
1070 0
1351 0
1516 0
1570 0
1700 0
1834 0
1868 0
1967 0
1970 0
2144 0
362 0
488 0
568 0
624 0
649 0
670 0
675 0
751 0

Eighteen solely ramp bots at SVR? I’m sure there’s some defensive robots in there and some that could do both. But either way, that’s a lot of ramp bots.

I would say that 1736 Robot Casserole was far and away the best tube scoring bot at Wisconsin.

The reason we’re so good at scoring is because of the fact that we have sweet drivers and our arm is a beast. It’s capable of reaching and manuvering in ways that other arms can’t. I hate to sound arrogant but between the arm and the mecannum wheels we are almost undefendable.

Come to New England… :wink:

Acutally, not all were solely ramp bots. A number never had a gripper or never got their working. Only 10 of those listed had ramps by my count

I agree…come to new england :smiley:

At the 2007 Florida Regional, in my opinion, the best arm robots were
(in no particular order):

team 179: swampthing
team 1523: mars
team 233: pink
team 1902: exploding bacon
team 56:
team 1270: red dragons
team 1251: tech tigers
team 70: krunch
team 180: S.P.A.M. (had to throw my own team in there…haha…mainly because we scored 3-4 ringers, and most of the time they were on the back of the rack for strategy purposes)

There are probably a couple more that i just can’t think of too.

Come to championships, I’m not kidding we were able to manuver our way through all the defense that was thrown at us and that’s alot of defense.

Championships =/= New England :cool:

Come to Battlecry and you’ll see just what we mean when we say “New England Defense”.

Done…see you there :smiley:

We already did GLR and Boilermaker, we’re done until championships.

Battlecry is an off-season competition in early June.

It’s held at WPI. It’s basically the IRI of New England.

Back on topic.

From what i have seen in life and that was only FLR,in no specific order:

From New York, 11, 56, 354, 375 and 1302 were among the best.