2007 Boston Regional!

Looking forward to a great time at the boston regional again. This event was a rookie regional last year, but it sure didn’t seem like it. So who’s going (officially)?

The current list is:

If any one is not impressed by the team list(it looks good but not like last year) then wait until every one registers for second regionals, alot of teams I have heard from have said that they plan to go.

So where are people staying? Team 1403 is staying at the Hyatt in Cambridge.

We are planning to host a team dinner night out of the Hyatt and we are inviting all teams to come join us. More details about that will be coming soon.


I believe 1511 will be attending again!!

246 can’t wait!

The high school I go to that is associated with 246, Boston University Academy, is literally one block from the Boston Regional, so I know the area VERY well. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask, or check out our website (burobotics.org) for more info (like mentor contact info).

Also, the official Boston Regional website is www.bostonfirst.org, and it also has a lot of useful information

  - Toby

On campus:p

got space?

I might. We can only have three people in at a time and I’ve told two people they can stay.

I’m volunteering at it again this year and looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

I’m planning on going again this year and joining me are a ton of cool friends… w00t!!

Looking for Volunteers! If you’re interested in volunteering, please send me an email at [email protected] and register in VIMS. FYI: I may not be allowiing walk-ons this year, so please sign up ahead of time.


Team 97 is looking forward to our journey across the river. Boston last year was amazing and I think it will be even better this year.

I am attending the Boston Regional for my second time, as a volunteer!

It’s really a great venue and great competition, hope to see you there!

Team 1403 is planning to hold a team social at the Hyatt hotel in Cambridge for any interested teams in the area. It is not affiliated with the regional in any way. Our plan is to encourage everyone to meet new people and relax. More details about this will be coming soon.

My own comfy bed in my dorm room. =)

You know you’re nerdy when…you’re looking forward to delaying spring break by a couple of days just to go to a robotics competition. :wink:

I believe there is going to be an official team social this year at Boston…

in my dorm room, or with the team.
the boston regional should be exciting. lots of rookies are going once again looking forward to seeing those designs :smiley:

Great, now there will be two chances for everyone to hang out. :wink:

Unfortunately 1547 can’t come but 2 of us will be there!! Sounds like a party to me…

348s excited for the Boston Regional. And yes the Boston Regional Planning Committee is excited about throwing the official team social. Please keep Friday night open.