2007 camera code

where is the camera code for 2007? Is it in http://kevin.org/frc/ or is it somewhere else? how does one include it in one’s code? Thanks!

Are you using MPlab or EasyC?

Yeah, I was wondering where this was. I thought Kevin was working on it this weekend. Does anybody know where this is?

Yeah, I don’t mean to be rude, but we can’t really work on the camera if we don’t have default code for it. So it would be nice if somebody could get us something to work on.

The camera code is on http://kevin.org/frc scroll down until you see “2007 FRC-RC Example Code and Utilities.” Despite the last updated date this code will search for and track the green light used in this years game. Just make sure to read the readme files so you set it up correctly.

But does Kevin’s code from last year track multiple targets. That’s basically what I’m wondering is whether or not we actually need a new camera code to work off of.

There was a discussion on http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51048 about how there is no real way to track multiple targets you can only tell if you get a huge blob size that you have more then one target in view.

As has been said elsewhere, the camera can only track one object at a time. You can, however, infer what is in the cameras view by examining the data present in the t-packet. This has been discussed elsewhere.


Edit: There is a video, done by FRC engineering staff, that shows you how the camera deals with multiple green objects. There is a copy on my website.