2007 Challenge Theme Announced!

From FIRST’s Lego Page:

POWER PUZZLE – 2007 Challenge Theme Announced!

Alternative Energy Resources - Meeting the Global Demand

How do our personal energy choices to do things like heat our homes, fuel our cars, charge our cell phones, power our computers, or even download music to our iPods impact the environment, economy, and life around the globe? Which resources should we use and why? Explore how energy production and consumption choices affect the planet and our quality of life today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. Can FIRST LEGO League teams find the ultimate solution to this global Power Puzzle?

Now if they’ll supply us with photocells that can generate consistent power, we’d all be set!!! :]

Look for research in wind, solar, fuel cells, and other alternative fuels. I’m going to have my team invest in a couple of hamsters and see what kind of power they can generate on their wheel.

Happy New Year everyone!