2007 Championship Congrats

Congrats to all teams that competed in FIRST (and the Championship). Awesome job on completing the task that FIRST had you do!

A very big round of applause for The Winners (190, 177, and 987) and the Finalists (233, 71, and 179)

Congrats to all award winners:
Woodie Flowers Award: Dan Green (111)
Founder’s Award: General Motors
General Motors Industrial Design: 330
Imagery: 34
Motorola Quality: 234
Autodesk Visualization: 1625
Autodesk Inventor: 103
Xerox Creativity: 79
Johnson & Johnson Sportsmanship: 1026
Delphi’s Driving Tomorrow’s Technology: 375
KPCB Entrepreneurship: 357
Rockwell Automation Innovation in Control: 386
Judge’s Award #1 (“Going above and beyond the call of duty”): 922
Judge’s Award #2: 71
Judge’s Award #3(“Paying it forward”): 1382
Daimler Chrysler Team Spirit: 1266
Rookie Inspiration: 2194
Rookie All-Star: 2283
UL Safety Award: 337
Engineering Inspiration: 178
Chairman’s Award: 365

Way to go 357 - Congrats on the Entrepreneurship Award. The recognition is well deserved and everyone in the Philly region is VERY proud of your efforts indeed.

Congrats to all the Championship award winners!

Special congrats to all the Philly area teams that were awarded Championship recognition for tremendous effort. 357, 103, and 365 with the Chairman’s Award. You all represent our area very well!

I’m going to lump my thank-yous in as well.
Thanks to 1595 for picking us. You guys were tremendous partners, an amazing alliance captains. Sorry for what happened to your arm (first the gas spring, which was repaired, but then the whole top portion getting ripped off! :frowning: ), and not being able to earn a medal with you guys.
Thanks to 93 for also being amazing partners. Thanks also for allowing us to use your battery charger (and batteries) during the elimination run. You guys were terrific!
Thanks to Paul Copioli and 217 for helping 1595 repair their arm after the gas spring broke. That was an excellent demonstration of Gracious Professionalism, especially right after we eliminated you. Best of luck at IRI, we really owe you.
Thanks to 45 for being such great opponents and friends. We had 3 great matches against you guys in a row (Q98, then the pair of QFs). You guys were a ton of fun to play against, and hope we can actually be partners at IRI!
Thanks to 1885 for being great friends. It was nice to have some familiar faces to talk to, especially just across the pit lane. Wish you could have been in Galileo so we might have been able to partner up again.
Thanks to 612 for watching some of our elimination matches, despite you being in a different division. It was nice to know we had your support!

Big congrats to The Beatty Beast, awesome job guys.
Way to go to Cyber Blue for winning the Motorola Quality Award

You guys make Indiana FIRST proud!

I’d like to thank 116 for being a great group of friends, chatting and helping our team from across the aisle.

I’d like to thank the Skunkworks (I’m sorry I forget your team number) for providing us with some key supplies.

Thank you team 2194 for considering our robot for an alliance partner in the Newton finals.

Thank you team 229, as well as all other hacky sack players, for giving me something fun to do during lunch :smiley:

Thank you all of our partners who played with us. We had a great time with you guys.

Thanks everyone!

And of course, thank you to the referees, judges, and FIRST crew for giving their time to putting on the championships. These are events that people remember forever, and the golden way in which they were run. Thanks FIRST!

I’d like to give a big congrats to the winners, 190, 177, and 987. Good job guys. I’d also like to congratulate all the teams that made it to the finals. Winning a division is no easy thing and it took a lot of hard work, and a lot of teamwork to get that far. Finally I’d like to congratulate all the teams who were there. Simply having a robot built is a tough job.

Most importantly I’d like to thank our two alliance partners, teams 330 and 1270. Both of you guys were really great to work with and had really good robots. It was an honor and privilege to be your alliance partner and the matches with you guys were exciting.

I would personally like to thank team 148 who came through for us in a clinch.
On Wednesday night, we found out that the flight the 177 students were on was cancelled due to bad weather and such. Their flight was rescheduled to thursday morning, but due to more bad weather, our other drivers did not get in until about 8 pm Thursday night.
If team 148 did not lend us their arm driver(s), we would not have been able to make fine adjustments to our claw and drivetrain to get them both working the way we needed them to.
Thanks a ton!!!:smiley:

A HUGE congratulations to our neighbors MOE on Chairman’s and to our friends 375, the Robotic Plague, on their award as well. We were in Curie and got to watch 330 battle it out in eliminations and I haven’t come across anyone yet that hasn’t been absolutely blown away by how well-designed their robot is. It’s the best integration of arm and ramps that I’ve seen yet, so congrats to them. Lastly, congratulations to everyone that had a good time at the games, whether they got picked for anything or won anything or not. We all worked for a long time on our robots and I think a lot of teams got to see theirs shine on the field, which has got to be the biggest reward of all. We’ve all got something to be extremely proud of.

i’d like to offer congratulations and thanks to all the teams at this years World Championship competition.

special congrats to all division winners and to the new champs on Einstein.
a big thanks to the beast and swamp thing. we made a great alliance.

CONGRATS to MOE - you guys deserve it

congratulations 190, 177, and 987!!!

congrats to every team… speacially these winners above… it was an incredible competition…

soory about that, i believe its a stupid question... but i didnt understand the “Paying it forward” about my own team prize… :confused:

thanks and congrats

Thanks and Congrats to the Devil Duckies !

They really deserved the Spirit award (I think that’s what they won…)

They were an amazing team, had a powerful robot, and cool hair :smiley:
The Duckies presented us with the only award we won at the Championships - and it was a cool one too:] !

I’d also like to thank 114. Their robot wasn’t there - but they were! It was fun partying with those guys :smiley: And they also helped us program our camera and get it running.

Thanks to Andy (from frc 45) for loaning us some omnis and helping us solve our serious turning problems. Andy literally looked at our robot, asked a few questions, told us what to do… and voila, a problem which had caused us hours of grief was solved… That guy is a genius…

Thanks to Team 175, Buzz, for helping us do our homework!:] You guys were awesome and really deserve that place in the Hall of Fame! They also let us use their tools.

I want to thank Da Bears, team 247 for choosing us as their partner. We were hoping to ride the Da Bears all the way to Einstein, but unfortunately it didn’t work out.

Congratulations to 190, 177, and 987 in winning the Championship. It goes to show that Newton was one of the strongest divisions, when an 8th seeded team can win it all.

Team 1038 is looking forward to our off-season tournaments and our other off-season activities. I look forward to seeing and talking to all the great people I met this year and meeting some more great people next year.

Thanks everyone for making it an awesome year.

No…thank you for doing it.

Wow… thanks for the thanks. I was glad to help. Thank you for turning to AndyMark for assistance.

On another note, I especially want to give a very large congratulations to MARK KOORS for winning the Volunteer of the Year award.

Mark is my partner in our AndyMark venture, and I simply could not have been prouder someone for a well-deserved award.

I also want to congratulate the Delphi Corporation for allowing Mark to take time away from his day job so he can be at FIRST for many weeks this past fall. (Both Mark and I still work at Delphi.) FIRST accepted Mark as a contributing engineer, as he helped with many aspects within the engineering department.

Mark, you are an inspiration to us all.

Andy Baker

Congratulations to MOE! Spectacular stuff. Every year the team’s just keep raising that Chairman bar higher and higher. I guess we had better get started on solving world hunger if we are every going to be worthy!

Congratulations to 190-177-987! You made all of Newton proud.

Team 2068 would like to thank 68 for picking us to join their alliance and 111 for being an excellent teammate (an aside - I loved your chairman’s video it was great!). You are both great inspirations to us and we enjoyed playing some great matches. If we only could have ramped a bot in each of our semifinal matches… who knows where we would have ended up!

Thanks also to 1124 and 292 for the fun matches. I thought we played very well together.

Thanks to 2108 for lending us some of your tools. It was great competing with you at VCU and hope to see you again next year.

Thanks to 1511 for hosting the Rookie Meet and Greet. It was nice meeting you Larry.

Thanks to the legions of volunteers that made the championships possible!

Congrats to Team 357, Royal Assault, on winning the KCPB Entrepreneurship Award. This award is often overlooked, but I (and many others) consider it very similar to the EI and Chairman’s awards. As Rich said the whole Philly area is very proud of you.

357 is actually the 3rd Philly area team to win the Entrepreneurship award at Championships in the last 5 years. Look at the list:
2007) 357
2006) 234
2005) 365
2004) 301
2003) 341
I’ve posted on the achievements and similarities (2000 rookie year, only teams to win Philly RCA) of our 3 teams (341, 357 & 365) before, and this is another major one. Also there is that odd coincidence that Teams 357 & 365 flew AirTran flight 341 into Atlanta this year. :eek:

I love your mecanum wheelchair. The way it maneuvered through the crowded pits is a testament to its brilliance. Also thanks once again for loaning us a battery (so we could compete against you in our first match).

Thanks to 1700 for drafting us!

Also, thanks to 118 for joining our alliance.

Congratulations to the winners, 190, 177, and 987.

Also congratulations to the national runners-up, 233, 179, and 71. You guys all have outstanding teams, and hopefully I’ll see some of you at the IRI.

Finally, congratulations to 178 for winning the Engineering Inspiration Award and 365 for winning the Chairman’s Award. You guys have something to be proud of. :slight_smile: