2007 Championship Webcast


Good Luck!

Anyone else have no audio? Im watching the real media stream for curie.

Gal is working fine!

but the FVC field cast isn’t working. They should be the only ones playign at the moment untill 9:30am.

I’m the same on both notes… no sounds, no vex.

same. I have all the computers in my house hooked up to Curie field at the moment, and nothing is working sound wise…

(I’m SUPPOSED to be in Atlanta. But then I got sick… I miss my team!)

Also, this is through windows media player…cause real player hates Vista with a passion. I installed real player and got the blue screen of death the moment it was installed XD)

Is there a problem with the audio feed?
I am watching Newton and there is no aduio on both the Real Media and Windows Media Player feeds.

Boo, they are running practice matches on Gal but no fed of it, just the same videos over and over again.

Keeper scored on Archemedes! I can’t get the Windows Media Player feed though, just RealPlayer.

There just seems to be many problems with the webcasts overall. I wonder whats up. Some have audio, but the ones with audio dont have match video.

Let’s just hope this is all fixed by tomorrow.

Well Gal had fed of the field then swtiched back to videos, at that point there was no audio. what’s with all these problems…

edit/ now back to field, and now audio. about time.

Curie field is still having problems with sound. I hate how it’s so far away from the field…

My team’s bot has what seems to be a somewhat common design for robots with ramps, so it’s hard to see.

I tried calling a couple of mentors and team members to see if they have the match list… but I can’t get ahold of them.

I have Galileo up with real, but it “communicates” every few seconds. My Internet connection is not slow either. Also, the video quality goes from very good quality to very poor.

Edit: More audio problems…

Glad to see Gali up and going now. Like said earlier, its hard to see with just the overhead cam.

Galileo is apparently live and working properly (practice match 5 just ended). I hear audio, and it will be providing my music all day.

Loving the overhead camera: I don’t really like the cameraman view, because quite often, they miss action on the other end of the field*. Hope they keep it this way for the real action tomorrow.

-With a zoomed-in view, you can only ever see one team ramping. At GTR, quite often you’d hear the announcer scream about rampings on the other side of the field, but only see the other team
-You can generally only see one team scoring at a time. Compression artifacts from the ramp swinging and the close-by robot often make the far side of the rack unviewable.

Hey! Sound on Curie is starting to sputter a bit for me. That’s nice.

Edit: It’s on now! It’s nice being able to hear the stuff going on.

I finally left a message for my main mentor so that she can possibly give me the match schedule so I don’t need to attach my face to the computer screen to see the robots.

The overhead cam is pretty bad though, especially when they put the scoring up and it covers the bottom part of the field (I know it’s not a big deal, but it does bother me a bit).

The real test for me will come tomorrow around 1 when I hook this all up to my 32" LCD HDTV. 17" just isn’t going to do it for me during the matches!

I think it’d be nice if one year a team got 4 consumer 1080p cameras, locked them into overhead view, and afterwards distributed a bunch of gorgeous 720p or 1080p match videos via bit torrent. With 1080p resolution (1920x1080), a robot would, instead of being 45x45 pixels like it is on this webcast, be approximately 300x300 pixels. It would pretty much be the same as having the cameraman having the camera right up next to the robot, except you’d have all 6 on screen. As far as costs are concerned, a $1,500 camera isn’t that bad when you’re paying $10,000 for trip costs and entry fees.

Edit: Ok, so that camera can 6mbps HD video. This means that a single match (assuming a 2m 30s average) would be 900 megaBITS, or 112mb. An entire regional would, depending on the regional, be just 13gb. That’s not that bad.

Yes! Someone is fixing Curie’s camera! The audio is getting better too!

I was just able to see buzz on the webcast! That was timely because I now have to go take a physics mid-term.