2007 Championship .. who's staying where?

well guys?

The past couple years we have stayed at the Marriot and we havnt had any problems with it. I hope we get it again, but we have to talk to our lead to see where shes going to get. Theres always prom going on there every year so its always fun to see them aswell

we always stay at super 8 :mad: but hey, its close… last year i spent like half my time at the hilton anyway. This year, i say everyone should stay at the ritz, very high class and all that.

Embassy Suites

Hyatt for 555 and 1929

good times at the hilton last year!!! the only problem was the long walk to the georgia dome. hopefully if we make to nationals again this year we stay somewhere closer

Me I’m going down a couple days early and staying at my brother’s house.
I’m not sure where the X-Cats are staying quite yet.

Oh how I wish we were staying at the Omni again :frowning:

But apparently it’s booked up already–some huge convention is there that weekend. I believe the Westin (or whatever the huge cylindrical hotel is) is where 25 will be at.

We’ll be at the Mariott Marquee; one of our mentors is an employee of Mariott and tells us it’s one of the better ones, so I think it will be good.

travelodge suckas

I will be in the Westin Peachtree… woo!

116 will be at the Westin as well this year (oh god, 25 and Tom in our hotel…this will be…umm… interesting). We wanted to stay at the Embassy Suites like we did in 2005, but it got booked too fast :frowning:

I believe that HOT is again planning to stay in the Mariott Marquee

Expect the TechnoKats (FRC #45) at the Westin this year as well.

Well team 302 is staying at Embassy Suites!!!:smiley: :yikes: :slight_smile:

I don’t remember exactly, but we will either be at the embassy suites or the westin.

i believe that we will be staying at westin again so yeah im sure ill see most of you.

i think we’re at the embassy…

We’ll be staying at the Atlanta Hotel Residence Inn Historic Midtown.

TEAM 88 TJ2 will be at the WESTIN this year, GOOD LUCK TO ALL!! :smiley:
Seee Yaaaaa Sooon MOE and Team 88 TJ2