2007 Championship .. who's staying where?

I heard a rumor the Omni is housing some other FIRST people and that they moved the kids out of there, but hey, what do I know.

I think my parents are trying to get into the Omni, if not, some place near where the Ritz was last year. I forget what it’s called.

Team 102 is staying at the Quality Inn… So I am told by the lady making our flight and hotel reservations. Hope to be rooming with another team haha.

Delphi E.L.I.T.E. 48 will be staying at the Marriott Marquis.

Team 501 Powerknights will be at the marriot. How far is that from the hilton?

embassy suites is where team 2228 cougartech is staying

Exploding Bacon is at Sleep Inn in Buckhead…across the parking lot from the Towne Suites

Does that also mean that the three Xerox team will be staying at the suites?

I loved those suites!!!

We stayed at the Hyatt last year but this year Team 573 will also be at the Westin. We’ve never been there, is it a nice hotel?

Very nice, good rooms and public spaces. The only real problem we had was with the elevators. If you’re near the midpoint, you might consider using the elevator to the upper floors and then walk down a couple flights of stairs.

Oh, and the path to the pool is confusing.

Team 1124 stayed at the Westin Peachtree Plaza last year, and overall it was amazing; nice rooms, nice lobby, and a pool… we had lots of fun there. My one complaint would be the elevators; they were having a lot of elevator problems and it could take half an hour to get an elevator to stop on your floor coming from either direction.

i think that we will stay at the marriot. but i don’t no.

The Westin is a great place to stay, except, like everyone else said, the elevators. 108 is staying there again!

haha, you would have a better idea then me. We made these plans before we even knew Xerox was gonna help out.

If they are we should have a FLR party :cool:

Team 1523 and 179 are staying at the Indio again. It’s a very nice small hotel if you can tolerate the beggars bumming for money after 7 PM.

no…the omni is being used for a medical conference or something and is booked during the championship

Well it sounds like its gonna be WAY better than the Family Inns of America or as I like to call it 70’s Hell. Two questions one does it have Wi-Fi, and two who wants to have an Xbox party there?

You can find 1504 at the Amerisuites by the airport, we’ll be training in to to competition each day!

Cool we will be neighbors. The Digital Goats will be at the Towne Suites.

Looks like The Westin will be the hot spot for teams this year now that The Omni is out of the picture. I suppose we’ll all get to know each other a little better waiting for those elevators…:rolleyes:

Good times, good times!

The Bomb Squad (Team 16) will be staying at the AmeriSuites in downtown Atlanta.

Has anybody ever stayed there? Last year we were at the Holiday Inn right down the street from the dome…