2007 Championship .. who's staying where?

anyone been to the marriot marquee? It looks nice , but looks can be deciving

The Marriot Marquis is AMAZINGLY Nice. I highly recommend it.
However, the CircuitRunners will be staying at the Hyatt.
If anyone wants to hang out, PM me. Us seniors on the CircuitRunners are looking to try and have a great time as our last year as students at Championships.

Wow, is that you Mr Vashol, I didn’t notice that for a while. Is Oaktown staying at Westin this year, it would be awesome to hang with you guys and see how my old team is doing.

If I remember correctly, team 1712 will be at the Embassy Suites…but don’t quote me on that just yet.:o

Oaktown Crewz 1188 will be at the Sheraton this year.

Hey, if anyone has some extra floor space they are willing to rent out, hit me up with a PM, I’m starting to run out of options for a place to stay. :stuck_out_tongue:

So far, the Hyatt will host 555, 1929, 1002 and 365.

QC Elite, 648, will be at the Embassy Suites Galleria, where we stayed in 2004. It’s a nice hotel and not a bad drive to and from the Georgia Dome (only 10 miles compared to 18 in Chicago).

Team 1503 will be staying at the Westin.

1089 will be staying with 25, in the Westin! Too bad there’s no Omni this year =(

857 will be at the Hilton … for those who have been to Atlanta before, is it a reasonable walking distance to the venue? If not, what’s good transportation for 20 people?

Team 537 will also be staying at the westin…we were staying at some other place…but got transferred into the westin last minute. We were all so happy. So this will be confusing then 537 and 573 in the same hotel…sounds like fun, ik a couple of us are bringing our xbox’s down w/ us and planning to game it up…we’d love it if 573 would join us, this way we wont have to hide it cuz we can tell our mentors were bonding with other teams :slight_smile:

Team 4 will be at the Sheraton .
Like a lot of others, I too really liked the Omni.
I think it was really convenient to have all the food places downstairs and the venue not too far away.

too bad not a lot of teams seem to be staying at the same place we are so far ;/

Sounds like a party!

add team 56 to the westin list 3 teams from jersey in one hotel things might get rowdy.

Oh no, not MOE, lol jk. Man, I feel honored to share the same hotel as you guys.

im guessing that goes for 1114 and 1680 am i correct?

Team 75 will be staying at the Hilton, hope to see many familiar and new faces there.

Team 935 will be staying at the Hyatt. Anyone have any things to keep in mind?:slight_smile:

All I have to say is that its a really big place and they have Wi-Fi and a pool! It’s a very nice hotel and we had a lot of fun there last year.