2007 Colorado Regional

anyone got any scoops on the out-of-state teams coming in this year?? looks like we lose a lot of kansas budds, due the opening of the kansas regional :frowning: who’s the MC this year? same guy? Can’t wait till march 29th… ahhhh

Most likely it will be the same guy for the MC. The only “scoop” I can think of is that this is the last year The Colorado Regional is to be held at the Magnes Arena(I got from our coach) and that most likely there won’t be a team social for us.:frowning: (I got from our FIRST senior mentor for colorado) - unless they’re able to put something together.

So yay! There is a team social again.:slight_smile: Can’t wait to see every one who is attending the Colorado Regional.

Team 1515 from Beverly Hills, California is returning to the Colorado Regional. (we also went in 05).

You can check us out at bhrobotics.com. Our team is also going to be making an episode of our TV show at the regional. Past episodes can be viewed at http://youtube.com/mortorqtv

This is our 2007 Robot:


We’re very excited and can’t wait for the event!

Team 1583 Ridge View Rambotics will be there among 31 others from Colorado and 16 Teams visiting from other states. Looking forward to seeing everyone again this year, We will also be wearing a new team logo for this years match just a little more formal than past years.

preview logo and clips of bot at


so whats up with people being so quiet about this regional, i wanna hear whats going on up there in Denver.

w00t Post 300!!!

I agree. I just keep refreshing the match results page to check up on 555. :smiley: Any information on robots would be great… I’m dying all the way here in Pittsburgh!

555, 1853, and 1636 are the winning alliance of the regionals. :smiley: WOOHOO!

I think you mean 1583. :wink: Anyway, congrats to all of you! I am especially happy for my former team 555!!

oh darn!, sorry 1583!!! sorry, I’m the driver for 1636 and I’m still dehydrated from today, I’m so tired but still so excited!!!

I posted this in predicitons but I’ll post it here too since it relates to the elims:

The final alliances were (RED)207-score bot(is a ramp too but it wasn’t good enough), 1515-score bot, and 2083-score bot against (BLUE)555-score bot, 1583-Ramp bot(AWESOME DEFENSE-I LOVE YOU GUYS!), and 1636-Score bot(had a ramp but we got rid of it for finals to make our bot have more speed and it kept getting caught on the rack anyway).

Match 1 - Blue lost 14 to 4.207 got a keeper on.1583 broke down because their battery came loose. so 1636 was doing the best we could on defense and 555 was scoring as much as they could.

After effects-Blue used their time out.1583 fixed their battery problem, 555 was fixing their autonomous(plus I think their was something else but I was concentrated on getting our bot fixed first), and because of how rough 1636 got in the last match, their mast got slammed and it caused it to where the arm was stuck inside down in the chassis. Called the time out and all three teams were fixed and ready to go. also I want to thank 1515 for coming over to see if you guys could help, we appreciate it.
during the timeout, 1636’s coach went out and spoke about 1636 and how this is the last year the team will be in operation, and a lot of other stuff but I was busy working the bot.

Match 2 - Blue won 32 to 34. 207 score the keeper, 555’s autonomous got messed up.

After effects - 2083 was doing something, I don’t know what because I was talking to our coach and something happened to 1515 and replacement had to come in. I don’t remember the team number though. their time out was being used which I was defiantly happy about because our motors were really over heated and you were able to smell the wires.

Match 3 - “THE” match. blue won 36 to 70. 555 didn’t have their autonomous work and 207 missed the leg. 1583, awesome defense, 1636 and 555 went into crazy scoring as much as possible. 1583 was able to get back to the home zone and 555 and 1636 climbed on top, 12" for both.

We got the GM Industrial Design and Regional winner.
555 - You guys had the most awesome autonomous I’ve seen. Hope you guys get it dialed in again at Championships.
1583 - You guys have the most awesome defense ever! and one the most efficient ramps there, good thing we had the ground clearance for any ramp. Good Luck at Championships.

Other stuff that happened:
Team 1636’s dogtags dissappered within less than 2 hours of the practice day.(I told my team they were going to go fast, did they believe me? noooooooo. j/k guys)
Team 1636 dominated the entire morning of Thursday up until team began to realize what kind of defense they need to put on us, that dropped us to 15th overall. But luckily we got chosen. 555 couldn’t get their first pick, so they chose 1583. 1583 wanted us because we had the ground clearance.(which was a problem with a lot of the bots at the regional, ground clearance compared to slope and height of the ramp). so they got 555 to choose us, we all realized what a better alliance this was.(Also, awesome job to the communication done between the drivers and strategists, simply amazing!).

It was an awesome alliance. We had the perfect blend of offensive and defensive capabilties. Two great arm bots (one with a very reliable autonomous) and our defensive ramp. Our driver, Eric Jones, is one of the most talented drivers we’ve ever had. He’s got great defensive skills. In two matches he completely shut down the other alliances offense with scores of 76-0 and 92-0. Btw,our power problem was with the Allen Bradley power distribution block. The negative terminal came loose. You’ve got to check those things often. Thanks again 1636 and 555.

Man, those PDB bug me. But oh well, I just learn to carry a screwdriver in my back pocket and my other other driver just learned to carry a pair of diagonal cutters(if you noticed all the zip ties-we leanred from one of our alliance’s team last year, we just find it better to zip tie the panel and we’re in and out and zip, it’s closed, locked, and ready to go. It’s just all those screws to go through last year just made the time out worse and because it took so long to get to each screw, they never made it and we had to get a replacement team.). Oh yeah, hey, thanks for the candy 1583, the pit crew couldn’t enough for sure, lol.

ya that was a great finals set! right down to the line, a few times nobody really celebrated until the final score was posted because it was too hard to calculate who actually one with all the ringers and lifting at the end. We made it to the quarterfinals, our lifters worked about 80% of the time time, but we kept having the same alliance partners throughout the qualifiying matches and the ones that were not compatible with our lifts the first time were still not compatible the second or third time or drivers were not skilled enough to line up correctly, so that was kinda a bummer. I wish there would have been more variety in the alliance pairings (but the few precious times we had robots that did fit and when nothing on our bot was broken sure was awesome!). But anyways, in the quarterfinal matches one of our alliance teams got on but then fell off because they just didnt fit well on in the first place, and then the other team (159) nearly caught on fire, but it was so much fun and everyone was so nice I still had a blast and couldnt believe the 2nd seed alliance actually wanted us for the finals. Thanks everyone, it was a great regional still and we had lots of fun! Definetly my favorite year out of the last 3 for our team.

Congrats to all of the regional champs!!! A special way to go goes to the Rambotics team !583 for doing such an awesome job and for allowing us to be a part of your winning season. THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP IN MAKING SUREWE HAD MINI-ME UP AND RUNNING FOR REGIONALS AND FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF OUR ROOKIE SEASON. AGAIN CONGRATS AND CONTINUE BEING HARD-CHARGERS IN ATLANTA.:cool: :cool: :cool:

OMG!!!159, watching them run off the field with their robot to fix it and all, man, it was heart breaking. I love that team and I’m really excited that they’ll be in Atlanta anyway, I can’t wait to see those guys again. Hopefully though they get everything more together and not do a repeat of last year. 159 GO ALPINE!

Man the final score we were confident. Because once 555 and us got onto 1583 with a whole 35s left, we all started adding up the score on the rack, 207 was still scoring at the same time, but they just weren’t fast enough to beat our bonus points. My team told me that match was more thrilling and energy rising than last year but it could be because we were tee finalist out there. Hopefully Team 555 can mail me all theh media stuff they got. My team ran out of battery and memory right at the last threee matches(All the fnal matches man, I can’ believe that!, Oh well, I’ll wait for 555’s e-mail).

I agree, I was so glad to see 159 make it anyways even though we got slaughtered in the quarterfinals. Go Alpine!!! woo-hoo!!!

Teams 1636 (fixed typo!) and 555:
You guys did an awesome job in demonstrating a cooperative spirit!! You gave us the opportunity to do our job well and really stayed on top of your game. I have not seen any other group, such as I saw in our alliance, slow 3 minutes down the way we did. It was the persistence to get past the stalled bot in the second match that allowed us the opportunity to play a third.

I appreciate everyone’s effort of course, but you guys brought us to Atlanta. Thank you!!


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lol, you’re welcome, that was a lot of fun. The endless pictures taken were even fun too. lol, at least I’m the not only one that goofs on team numbers.:wink: Come to think of it, those matches did seem longer than it usually is. Probably because so much was happening in those matches. oh it was the second match, sorry, I guess my mind was still racing when i was typing up about the matches. Plus I think I typed it up late at night. completely dehydrated and completely tired.

What a fun regional. I’m the driver of 1515 and I’ve got to say this has been the best competition I’ve been to. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone who’s going to Atlanta. Great job and good luck in the national competition!

Also: Look for another episode of our tv show, MorTorq TV, at youtube.com/mortorqtv sometime this week. The episode is live from the 2007 Colorado regional!

It was lots of fun. 1339 went with all rookie members, unpolished code, inexperienced drivers, and a not so excellent robot, and we still managed to enjoy it. We probably wont do too much better next year because most of the team was seniors, but we’ll try.

We were the team with the coolest looking robot. It had a ladder.