2007 FIRST Competition

I just decided to log back on to Chief Delphi today, haven’t been on since last year. How are you all? Any news on the 2007 game?

Btw Ramtech 59 might go to the Vegas Regional this year =D We’ll see soon. :smiley:

Nothing yet.
I’m sure Dave will start unleashing Red Herrings soon.

Vegas is an awesome regional to attend, it has an amazing energy and atmosphere about it. Also, there are tons of things to do after the regional is over for the day. Team 25 had a blast there this past year. I’d definitely recommend it. :smiley:

Oh, He’s already started…



And for VEX, http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=515851&postcount=6 :stuck_out_tongue:

YEah the light trick is something big because Dave was “annoyed” when it was leaked at the championship. So it must be real. I mean Dave wouldn’t feed me a red herring in person…would he…? http://smilies.vidahost.com/cwm/cwm/erm.gif

Yeah Dave Vebrugge talked about it at the Championships, but we knew it was a fluke because he said the same thing at the West Michigan Regional but said “April Fool’s” but I would put my money on saying that what was said is a strong possibility for next year but who knows??? :slight_smile:

It could be something close to what it really is you know. Like not the light trick exactly but something where three things will be done or something? I don’t know school just started 4 straight hours of engineering this year. Electronic Technology, and then Technology studies. It’s easy but 4 straight hours?

Anyway we’ll see. And as to the Vegas Regionals are going to be awesome. When we went to the long island regionals weren’t that spirited you know, Orlando was great as usual. And now for something different.

hope its a shooting game, it was so exciting this year

Agreed. I think the fact that there was air time before you knew if you were going to score added to the excitement. And then there were the bots that were almost dumping in the high goal.

Watch the IRI semi-finals (?) and they might as well have been. Who would have thought that a score of 130+ would have been the losing score.

But yeah, if Dave has been dropping hints, then I would be the last person to catch them. I live by an airport.

Hey Dave, I will buy you 50 boxes of KK if you tell me what the game piece is for next year’s game. =)

You might want to qualify that offer with a timeline. Dave will certainly be glad to tell you what next year’s game piece is right after it is announced at kick-off, and I’m sure he’d be happy to receive any quantity of KK at the same time. You may have intended to do the deal earlier?


DAVE… DEADLINE TO TELL ME THE GAME PIECE IS SEPTEMBER 21st!!! or you just don’t get your KKs.

What if he’s on a diet? :stuck_out_tongue:

You know how sometimes you’re really really full, yet you still have room for dessert? I think this case might be something like that. :smiley:

what? no bribe for me? :wink:

What is this “bribe” you speak of? It’s just a gift … ya know?

… well why don’t you get me the rules for 2007 game, and maybe I will give you 25 boxes (since you are the little lavery). Your dad has messed with my mind since I joined FIRST, this time I am not going to let him.

No. Not until Jan 1st.:rolleyes:

In the mean time people, enjoy your break from FIRST if you don’t have any mini-comps coming up, or are not involved in FLL, and don’t hold your breath waiting until Kickoff.

We wouldn’t want to see anyone pass out from holding their breath before they can see the awesomeness of the 2007 game.

And trust me, it IS awesome.
Both me & my time machine racked up a few miles checking out every game from 2007-2010 and they all rock. :smiley:

And some of them even roll. :wink:

Is that a gauntlet, lying there on the floor?

Arefin is all about KK’s, lots of them
Dave’s on a diet
Sean is taking ‘bribes’
something about being full, April Fool’s, and airports
there is a gauntlet on the floor
and Elgin is time traveling -

Yup, this is CD alrighty

Woohoo!!! Go randomness…don’t ya just love it? :smiley: