2007 FIRST Design Book - List is out!

Congratulations to Teams:

118, 173, 375, 1086, 1985, 1987, 25, 75, 111, 148, 330, 1126, 100, 190, 234, 384, 1114, 1714, 33, 40, 386, 418, 1629, 1731, 79, 357, 1100, 1319, 1448, and 1612

for making it into the design book “FIRST Robots: Rack 'n Roll”

Is there going to be a book next year? i saw nothing about it in the first manual.

I was wondering the same thing.

i really hope there is i know that 1629 would love to try and make it three years in a row, congrats to all the other teams that made it in as well as those that won any tech award, you all deserve recognition


glad to see 1126 make it this year.

oh i have to buy this now.

where and how much?

I am really happy 1126 Team SparX made it in. This is an amazing reward to make it in that book of only 30 teams. -Thats CrAzY

Nick Miraglia
Team 1126
Electrical Team

The book is now in stock at Amazon.

One of my students looked into this and heard that there is not going to be a book for 2008. We were getting our submission together and wondering where the questions were:confused: Apparently sales of the 2006 book were not strong enough. Maybe if enough of us buy the 2007 edition, they will reconsider for next year.

I’m going to order both books :slight_smile:

I ordered one of each. I got the 2006 book a few weeks ago, and I just got an email from Amazon saying that the 2007 one should be arriving at my door next week.

Did you preorder it or did you order after it came in stock?

My preorder still shows an estimated shipping date in the second week of April :frowning:
If it’s half as good as last year’s book it will be well worth the cost and the wait though :cool:

whips CC out

$@#$@#$@#$@#, another purchase…

I preordered on January 28th and mine shipped today.

this would be a great tool to give to rookie teams so they can see what some robots look like
Last year we were on a rookie team and didn’t even know what to expect of other robots when we got to competition

I got mine yesterday and you all will not believe how classy and slick these are. It has a magnetic protector/lock on the silver edges with a multi-textured cover and absolutely stunning photographs. I am honored that we are included.

Tom Hand
Team 1987

Book pages.JPG

Book pages.JPG

I got mine, and it’s even better then last year’s.

I ordered mine yesterday and should have it in time for the plane ride to OKC. :slight_smile:
Looking forward to it!

Does anyone know which team is featured on the cover? That drawing of the wheel looks similar to the one 1319 custom makes, however we did get our wheel drawing published in the 2006 book and may have had another team borrow the design.

My book was delivered today but I’m 500 miles away!