2007 FIRST Regionals Play by Play Announcer/Emcee Edition

Here are just a few.

New Jersey Regional
Wayne Penn: Emcee
George Ackley: Play by Play Announcer

New York Regional
Wayne Penn: Emcee
George Ackley: Play by Play Announcer

Philadelphia Regional
Wayne Penn: Emcee
George Ackley: Play by Play Announcer

Chesapeake Regional
Jeff Seaton: Emcee
Greg Needel: Play by Play Announcer

UTC Regional
Andy Grady: MC
Joel Johnson: Game Announcer

Boston Regional
Bill Larkin: MC
Andy Grady: Game Announcer

Wayne Penn and George “The Voice” Ackley were amazing at Philly and I hope that they comes back next year and the next…

Also it would be great to have them swing by The Duel on The Delaware 2007, hint, hint, nudge, nudge Wayne and George. :slight_smile:

Southern California
Mark Leon
Dave Seibel

San Diego
Blair Hundermark
Don Knight and ??

Great Lakes Regional
Dave Verbrugge: MC
Paul Copioli: Play by Play

West Michigan Regional:
Dave Verbrugge: MC
Dan Green: Play by Play

Greater Toronto Regional:
Karthik Kanagasabapathy: MC
Steve Warren and Charles Offor: Announcers

Buckeye Regional:
Dave Verbrugge: MC
JonnDar Bradshaw: Announcer

While we are talking about these folks, did anyone hear what happened on San Diego on Saturday? The Emcee sails in in a boat! A BOAT! A real like 18 foot sailboat with blue banner sails! Right in front of the field! And the judges come in wearing all this beach gear, and throwing gigantic beach balls into the crowd, and like 50 people storm the field throwing rings everywhere, and it was just insane.

St. Louis Regional:

MC = Ryan Dognaux
Game Announcer = Ben James


MC: Wayne Penn
Announcer: John Lock


Ryan Dognaux: MC. He was also MC at St. Louis.

Collin Fultz: Announcer - In my opinion, one of the best I’ve heard.

Both come originally from Cyber Blue.

Lone Star

Kris Verdeyen: MC
Tim Rosas: Announcer

Both local to the houston area.

Waterloo Regional

Karthik Kanagasabapathy: Master of Ceremonies
Paul Copioli: Game Announcer

Ellery Wong MC
JonnDar Bradshaw Announcer


Steve Warren - MC
Dave Verbrugge - Announcer

That would take some serious getting used to.

I’ll more than likely be there, I can’t wait.


Did you just decide to switch it up?

I think Steve’s MC’d Detroit every year - certainly since 2005. I forget who was announcer in the past, but it wasn’t always Dave.

BAE Granite State
MC - Lucas Marrow (not sure if that’s how you spell his name…)
Play by Play - Bill Larkin

Best pair I’ve seen?

Einstein 2006
MC - Dave Verbrugge
Play by Play - Bill Larkin

Simply amazing.

The first year at Detroit I was the announcer and Paul C was the MC. Since then I have been the MC and Dave has been the announcer. I was suppose to be the announcer but Dave asked to switch. I agreed but was really intimidated that year. It has now been 3 years that Dave and I have worked together and he has helped me out lots. I always offer him the MC job but I think that he likes announcing for a change.