2007 Flash Game Teaser/Plea for Help

In this gab between build season and the regionals i had some time to start on this years Flash game for the 2007 FRC game. I had made on last year (thread at http://chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46460) and decided to make another this year.

This years will be very different form last years. Last year the game was played by two people on the same computer, this years will allow 6 people to play each other over the internet. Last year you could choose between 3 different robots. This year there are hundreds of possibilities (this feature can be seen in the teaser). THis year should be more realistic than last years as well. As of sunday afternoon i have only gotten as far as you can see on the teaser. im not saying this will be done in a week, in fact i predict it will not be done until around easter (because of spring break).

The reason i am bringing it up so soon is because i could really use some help. Right now the multiplayer server is running off my laptop, which is also hosting the flash file itself. If some generous FIRSTer runs a small server in their basement (which i know some of you do) i would be very grateful if you would allow me to use it to host the game. All that is necesary is the instilation of SmartFoxServer Pro (the free edition, available off their website) and the bandwidth that the game requires.

I will post updates and such on this thread as i continue working on it, and appreciate any feedback/bug reports etc that you want to give.

So now i present to you the first installment of the 2007 FRC game RackAndRoll:

keep in mind that this is a very early installment, as i just started this weekend, and so it isnt too exciting. Right now all you can see is the part up to where you have customized your robot. I am looking for feedback as to the price of the different items and if you think more/less items should be available.

Oh, and i forgot to mention, only 6 peopel can be logged on at a time. sorry! this is so i dont waste bandwidth and so i never accidentally have 7 people trying to fit into a game for 6.

looks awesome!!!

I would add an option for a 6wd. Maybe different weight classes like 4 ft you can have certain features (like 2 12" lifts) or 6 ft (you have a really quick lifting arm) something like that.

Would a downloadable version with options for one or two people to play computer-controlled bots be feasible?

The options look great, I love the customization.

Nice job Andrew!!! It looks really good!

If you need help beta testing tell me. I managed to purchase the following: Two 12" Lift, Omni Drive, Large Arm, arm speed 10, robot torque 10, and robot speed 10. I did this with 18 points remaining.

Can’t wait to play everyone in this!!!

how did you do that when you only have 100 points to start with?
Omni - 40
Large arm - 40
2 12" lifts - 80
and maxing out robot speed, torque and arm speed - 27
thats already 187 points
might be some bug in the program

looks good so far, except when you reduce the arm speed the number doesn’t change, can’t wait to see the final game

Quick fix: make the number for arm speed update when it is reduced.

the arm speed thing i accidentally misspelles a variable thats fixed. i few people have been able to get free points, i dont know how. if anyone else is a fan of flash i can release the code for you to look over. as far as the suggestion for a downloadable version…prolly not gonna happen. i have tried to make AIs in the past but im really really bad at it. im working on a quick version that lets you go to the next stage just as a practice thing to release. because it requires no robot interaction code i could finish it soon to let people get some driver practice in.

someone also mentioned different weight classes. so do you think it would be a good thing to have options for 4’, 5’, and 6’ robots where for each foot you gain you get 10 more points to use, but you are easier to push around in the matches? ya anyway…

one other thing, im thinking of putting the login stuff after the robot design part, so you can play it offline with practice arena.

What about Tracks? Team 753 only uses them (becuase we’re so hard to push)

It’s from the points to the arm speed, i was messing around and put 10 on speed then a few o nt he others and wanted to take some away from arm and it stayed at 10 but i got extra points to play with. so the problem code is around there.

I can’t play.:frowning:

I will host this for you if you would like. All I need to know are which ports the game uses, so that I can open them in my firewall.

EDIT: I should mention that I have a 2.8GHz webserver that is up 24/7–that is what I would be running this on.

oh yeah i also reccomend havinf 1 4" and 1 12", along with 6WD, Tank tracks, lower point value for 2 12".

i just updated it a little. you dont need to login to the server to design a robot and then play with it by itself on a field. right now ive got it so it makes your robot visually depending on what you selected, and also you cn deploy ramps with the ‘a’ key and brakes with the ‘s’ key. once again, it is at

from what ive heard here are the changes im planning on making for the next update:
-im gonna change the 2x12" points to 70 not 80. i dont want it to be easy to have a good bot with 2x12" ramps so i wont lower it any more.
-i will change 4wd to 6wd. 6wd is closer to treads but makes the visual easier. and i also think that the torque difference from 2 to 4wd in real life isnt too much that a side torque upgrade couldnt do worse especially with the lack of agility.

hopefully the next update will also let you drive around by yourself. and then the update after that you might evne be able to score! goodnight for now.

Would you please post the controls, I can only get the robot to deploy the ramp

right now all that it can do is deploy the ramp and deploy the pneumatic brakes using the ‘a’ and ‘s’ keys, resectively. but more to come, i promise

One thing I’d like to point out…on the practice field shown, the robot takes up the entire short dimension of the home zone. That’d make it an 8-foot robot.

I like what I see so far, though. Can’t wait for the full game!

I had noticed that too. im trying to decide whether to make the home zone unrealistically big or shrink the robot even more. i dont want to get it too small or else its too hard to see whats going on (arm up, brakes deployed, etc) but if half the field is home zones, and there are 6 big bots out there, things could get crowded. im leaning towards a slight shrinkage of the bot, and a slight expantion of the home zone; a good compromise. thoughts on this are welcome.

Also, i would like to thank eldarion of team 1625 for generously hosting this game on his site. the game can be found at:


this is still that same version with only 2 systems working, but driving one robot is my next goal. ill update again once that works, and then again once tubing works. im also planning on working in a help menu with controls too at some point, just something simple.

Looks great, especially now with the gamefield teaser. Absolutely cannot wait for a playable demo, even just driving around with yourself would be great!

My only suggestion is make the individual attributes worth more than one point. I don’t recall the exact configuration, but earlier I had a robot with pretty nice specs (probably 4 wheel drive, medium arm, etc) and every of the individual attributes maxed at 10. Without a playable portion it’s hard to tell how much influence these little points would make, but it’s something to consider.

Oh and I’m in support of a 6-wheel-drive option too. If you know 217, you know that we love our 6 wheels :stuck_out_tongue:

Any new updates coming out soon? you’ve done a realy good job so far!:smiley:

our robot has a 4 wheel drive with deployable casters…that might make a good option
looks great from what ive seen. keep up the good work