2007 Flash Game Teaser/Plea for Help

sorry for the lack of progress, ive been at the VCU regional and am just about cought up with all my schoolwork i missed (its insane making up even one day at MLWGSGIS, but two is even worse) i would expect an update by the middle to end of next week (model congres this weekend, projects due monday and tuesday, book i havent started due weds)

thanks for the support and suggestions, im trying to work in as much of the feedback i get as i can

i just wanted to see if there was any more progress this sounds really cool. so if anyone has information post please :slight_smile:

I think I found a glitch, after playing around with the robot settings I noticed that if you just clicked on a setting enough it would give it to you weather you have the points for it or not, needless to say, I ended up with combinations like this one: