2007 FRC Events, where are you going?

I know many teams are beginning to decide on where they might go for competitions next year. A lot of teams are planning their events in order to figure out budgets and I was just wondering if teams have any idea where they might be going? It might be a little early for this thread, but hey we could all use something to druel over before the next off-season event. :slight_smile:

Team 1403 is going to the NJ Regional and the Championship event. We are deciding where to go for our 2nd regional. Some possibilities for our 2nd regional are Detroit, Boston, Florida or Virginia.

Its hard to pick just yet as the dates haven’t been announced.

Exploding Bacon will be at the Florida Regional ( its in our hometown) and we are thinking of either Palmetto, Drexal, Boston, or New Orleans as our 2nd regional. Or we may go back to Lone Star…we had a really good time there.

We will go to the championships if we qualify, and have the money.

Kansas City!!! Finally something close to home.

West Michigan is always a Martian Staple. We are aiming for a 2-4-WMR-Championship competition schedule like we have done for the past few years.

Team 25 will definitely be at the NJ Regional, since it’s our home regional.

We’re most likely going to a week 3 regional, assuming that NJ is a week 1 again. I’ve heard some talk amongst team members about Pittsburgh as a possible second regional. And again, we’re planning on making it down to Atlanta again for championships!

(P.S.-Watch out for a few 25 members at Philly! ;))

Team 296 will probably be going to one of the New England regionals, the Greater Toronto Regional, and, I should hope, the Championship (so as to not waste the first time we ever pre-qualified on merit).

I have no clue which events I’ll be going to personally - I’ll be on a co-op work term during the 2007 season, so what regionals I’ll go to, if any, depends on the location and nature of the job I get.

Palmetto, no question. (Half a mile away or a thousand miles away, they don’t call it the best regional in the South for nothing.) Championship would be awesome, and I hope to attend with or without the team.

I’m also hopeful that I’ll be able to go down to the Florida Regional for a third year as a spectator/volunteer, but that depends on USC’s spring break.

For sure we’ll be going to the new San Diego regional. We’ve also talked about either making our first appearance at the LA regional or returning to Las Vegas, money being the deciding factor.

Just out of curiousity, are there any other teams that are considering coming to San Diego?

As of now team 1345 will be attending the Florida regional and the Championship event.

254 is.

I definately will be at New Orleans. I have friends in both Houston and Columbia so I may try to go to Lone Star or Palmetto too. It’s still a long way off, so nothing is set in stone yet.

Sweet! Hope you guys decide to come down.

Team 294 is for sure going to LA, we hope for championships. We are considering where are second will be, and a possible third, out of; Vegas, Phoenix, San jose and San Diego.

FLR and the championship for the X-Cats.
We are very predictable.
My personal schedule depends on my vacation time and my wife’s mood about me going to FIRST events ( I would like to attend an event in week 1 and possibly GTR again).

It is 98.5% confirmed- NYC Regional will have 62 Team slots for 2007!!!

Hmmmm… party anyone?

578 is aiming for 3 regionals this year as well as some extra money for the championship event if we can. Where will we go?.. were still debating about it, we will go to finger lakes. But theres a chance we won’t be going to boston this year.

We have talked about New York City, and the Chicago Regional I know.

Las Vegas is a great regional to go to. 25 went there this past year, and the atmosphere was great. Everyone was really helpful and friendly, and they make it very “Las Vegas-y” by having Elvis impersonators and everything. I had a lot of fun there, as did the rest of our team. Also, there was tons to do at night (if we weren’t too tired).

If I had the chance to go there again, I definitely would do it! :smiley:

Although nothing has been decided yet, it’s a safe bet to say that 587 will be back at VCU. If we have the money, we’ll go to the championship. If, in the unlikely event that we have the money to do it, a second regional over spring break could occur, assuming that our spring break and the event’s time are the same this year, that would probably be Palmetto.

The CircuitRunners will be definately going to Peachtree as usual. Hopefully Sir Charles will be there again.
A couple of us seniors might go down to volunteer at the New Orleans regional. Most of us aren’t having tough 2nd semesters so we will be able to hopefully do that.
No idea where else we will b competeing. Maybe VCU.

That’s what we heard. Traditionally we went to phoenix (for reasons lost on me) and I’ve been to convince them to go to vegas instead because both are about the same distance away from us and have similar overall prices. It’s hard to change tradition though, sometimes mentors just don’t like change : /, but we like 'em anyway.