2007 Game Rule Links (Inactive)

The 2007 Game Rules have almost been posted.


Ready for Updates too: http://www.usfirst.org/community/frc/content.aspx?id=450

Your title is misleading…

I almost wet myself, lol!

ughhh. why dont you work!

Aww, c’mon… you get us all excited with the title and then add in an “almost

FYI- neither of the links are working for me.

EDIT: Ahh, there we go! The pages just took an abnormally long time to load.

Make sure you guys download these as soon an the encrypted version is ready, I am sure alot of you have seen how slow the page is today, wait until 5000 people are trying to download 10 different PDF’s 10 minutes after kick-off.


GRR Bad title!

-download it as soon as possible.
-Then try to break the password… in a graciously professional way :stuck_out_tongue: . (and since its like, 20 characters, case sensitive, theres no reason to worry about anyone breaking it).
-then you can start posting hints and clues to dlav … (who probably doesn’t even know the game yet either :wink: ) and (in a graciously professoinal way… must stress this)
-taunt him for teasing us… or something like that :rolleyes:

use humor with it

Is it posible to break the code with a software program? (not that i know how to use anything more advance than ms word :cool: )

This page confirms that 2007’s activity will be a game.

Does this mean that the 2007 game rules have been finalized completley?

Looks like a nice work in progress, I appreciate them having separated the KOP into its own area… looking through all the attachments became confusing after a while.


As someone said in another thread, the rules are done when the last team update and Q&A’s are posted. A while after kickoff. :wink:

Usually right around championships actually, possibly even after championships start.

Exactly, the rules never are really finished until the game is almost over.

Apparently pneumatics will still be legal…lol:rolleyes:

Actually, they get finished in the middle of each summer. The GDC always works hard to leave a few loose ends on some of the rules, just so Andy and Raul will have something to change for IRI. :slight_smile:


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