2007 Great Lakes Regional, Best Ever?

This regional is shaping up to be one of the toughest in the history of FIRST, with strong teams like any event that has two hall of fame teams, 13 regional victories in 2006 and 3 regional chairmans award winners is going to be one heck of a regional. Here is the teamlist http://www.usfirst.org/frc/map/index.lasso?page=event_teamlist&event=GL

I see 254 is listed. Who’s the other HOF team?

Jack, I direct your attention to GLR 1999…

Teams: 1, 16, 27, 33, 45, 47, 48, 49, 65, 66, 67, 68, 70, 71, 85, 111, 135, 188, 201, 217, 292, 308, 322

That’s just off the top of my head. Also, remember that team numbers in 1999 maxed out in the mid 300’s. With the amount of regionals that exist today, we won’t see a field this deep ever again, barring some sort of weird scheduling coincidences.

I see 254 is listed. Who’s the other HOF team?

67, The HOT team.

Thank you.

:yikes: wow, i would actually pay to go see that in a heart beat!

Not til the championship anyways (last years Newton was super crazy nasty).

I firmly believe that Great Lakes is the most competitive regional in the country, year in and year out. Looks like this year’s GLR will be another one to remember!

(scared stiff)

GLR certainly looks to be the top regional so far this year, but there have been several better in the past. I would even dare to say that GTR 2006 was better (65, 217, 229, 296, 522, 610, 1114, 1305, 1503, 1680 etc.).
We’re going to have to wait at least until all the teams have registered, and teams have registered for all their events, to decide which is the best this year. Also, UCF looks to be incredibly talented, with 34, 56, 69, 79, 86, 179, 180, 233, 245, 312, 1027, 1251, 1523, and 1902.

This years GTR the best ever? I don’t know. The best one *this * year? Maybe. We will find out between 1-5pm on march 10th. But lets not forget about West Michigan’s Regional. Even though there are still a lot of spots left, I think that WMR is a tough one too. With it being on the last weekend of regionals most people have there robot figured out by then and know exactly what they are going too do or try too do. But there is still a lot of time until we get the game, let alone get to the competitions.

That’s Murderer’s Row—literally! Everyone feared 56 at Chesapeakes last year (but apparently they didn’t get much alliance luck) and 1027 had been strong when it attended. (But==who knows what could happen when 2nd-regional registration opens up.)

Let’s see, if somebody started a Fantasy FIRST League and somebody managed get at least half of them, it would be easy money.

You can’t get half of them. You’re only allowed three teams- four at the most.

There have been leagues (especially pre-season and the smaller championship leagues) with 6+ teams per player.



I just personally like how one of the greatest regionals in the nation/world is like right at home. :smiley:

Honestly, I cannot wait, but yet I can, for it is my senior year, thus my last year in for this gig. Its going to be a bit emotional in some cases, I’m going to miss it all once it is set and done. Yeah I’ll come back during my college years just to watch, but I won’t be a part of it though unless I mentor, but I doubt I’ll have the time. We’ll see…


Regrettably, Team 254 will not be competing at the Great Lakes Regional in 2007.

We signed up originally on the condition that the team leadership had to be 100% certain that arrangements would be in place so that the robot would arrive in drayage on time for SVR, the following week. As this cannot be done using standard event to event shipping via FedEx, we would have to pay extra for expedited shipping.

After looking into such shipping, it became clear that the cost of shipping the robot was going to be far too high for it to even make sense for us to do so (over half the cost of a regional event).

As such, we decided we could not be assured the robot would make it to SVR on time, and we weren’t willing to chance our robot arriving on Friday, we have dropped GLR. We hope (and plan) to attend a regional in the Midwest next year, so long as the timing works out with SVR.

I am sorry to see that the Cheesy Poofs will not be at GLR.

As a member of the GLR Planning Committee I was looking forward to seeing a team from the west compete here. But as a member of the HOT Team…we have battled many times on opposite sides. I was hoping that just once we could be partners in competition.

We will miss you at GLR. Good luck this season. See you in Atlanta.

Darn! I was really looking forward to seeing 254 at GLR.

[Lot’s of sarcasm]I guess there aren’t going to be any good teams at GLR anymore.[/Lot’s of sarcasm]

See you in the A T L.

I am also sad to see that 254 won’t be attending GLR.
Although GLR definitely has an impressive list this year, I’ll always miss GLR from 2003ish. It was particularly impressive when closer to 70, rather than 58 teams attended, and there were more out of state teams, like 111 and 461, that now attend the new regionals closer to their location.
I think GLR’s quality shows in the consistency of teams that attend it. Many teams choose to attend year after year, even though there are three regionals in Michigan.

I’ll echo Walt’s sentiments. As soon as Team 1114 heard the Poofs were signed up for GLR, we were all thoroughly excited. The Poofs are a team that we’ve come to look up to over the years, but unfortunately we have yet to have the opportunity to play with them.

Maybe in Atlanta…