2007 IRI Awards Summary

2007 IRI Awards

Team 703 Most Awesome Drive System
Team 111 Outstanding Quality
Team 1625 Leadership in Control
Team 118 Imagery and Design
Team 968 Driving Tomorrows Technology
Team 233 Best Ringer
Team 67 Best Ramp / Lift
Team 1902 Team Spirit
Team 1720 Judges Award
Team 93 Judges Award
Team 2194 Rookie Award
Team 1501 TechnoKats Spirit of Indiana Award

Team 47 Finalist
Team 33 Finalist
Team 68 Finalist
Team 93 Finalist

Team 2056 Champion
Team 494 Champion
Team 1114 Champion
Team 111 Champion

Mike Martus Mentor of the Year
Team 47

Brent Bendes Team 68 Allison Scholarship
Brian Clegg Team 234 Innovation First Scholarship
Alex Golec Team 469 AndyMark Scholarship
Melissa Smith Team 1251 Rolls-Royce Scholarship

Elizabeth Smith Team 1741 Marcia Beatty Memorial Scholarship

Brenda Rohl & Ann Chastain Volunteers of the Year
234 Parent Crew Leaders

Scott Ritchie Team 234 IRI FIRST Foundation Award

Congrads to all!
I wish i could have been there, but my job didnt allow me to go, :frowning: . Next year though.

Quick correction, championship winner should be 2056 not 2046.

i want to thank 968 for picking us(910),allowing us to be part of the six keepers. 330,curie and iri, you guys are great. my only true regret in not winning our match is that 177 didn’t get a chance to show their stuff. thanks to all the people that put iri on. it was great.

fixed it, thanks

(it was early and my fingers were still asleep :slight_smile: )

For our first IRI, we had a fantastic time. I wish we did better, but we wanted to come and get our name out there and I believe we accomplished that with this great tournament.

Thank you to Chris, Andy, 234, 1024 and all of the volunteers who put on such a great event. Everyone made us feel very welcome.

Thanks to Eric Schnabel for the WebHug labels.

Thanks to Gael Force (Greg Needel) and Simbotics (Karthik) for the kind words of encouragement on Saturday.

And a huge thank you to our scout team from 1379 (the Devil’s Net) - Matt, Alicon, Taylor, and Ray. You helped us out tremendously.

Congratulations to the Referees for doing such a great job. They were very consistent throughout the weekend.

Congratulations to the IRI Champs: 111, 1114, 2056, and 494! My money was on you after alliance selection. :slight_smile:

We are looking forward to next year’s IRI.

Mannie Lowe