2007 IRI quilt

Cyber Blue (234) will be collecting t-shirts for this years Indiana Robotics Invitational quilt this week at the Championships.

If you are interesting in donating one of your team’s shirts, please bring it by our pit! We will be in the Curie division pit area.

**If you don’t know what the IRI quilt is:: Every year, our team collects shirts from different teams, then they are made into a quilt, then the quilt becomes a part of the charity auction at the IRI. All of the procedes go to a selected charity or charities directly after the IRI.

We hope you can help and good luck everyone at the Championships!:slight_smile:

What if we are interested in donating a team shirt but aren’t going to Atlanta? :wink:


If you would like to donate a shirt but ARE NOT going to the Championships::

If you could mail it to-

Chris Fultz
363 Bennington Road
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Thank you!

what size shirts would work best?

Tny adult size is OK.

Only the logo area is used, usually about a 12" square.

We will have one of ours delivered to your pit in Atlanta.

Thanks to all the teams who stopped by and donated a t-shirt for the IRI quilt! Your shirt will help to make the quilt abosolutely oustanding. :slight_smile:

Post a photo for us when it’s quilted.

we most definately will!

**THANK YOU!-- **to all of the teams who were so generous as to donate a t-shirt… I just got word that we have recieved 47 shirts! Hopefully those of you coming to the IRI will have a chance to see it at the silent auction!

We could use a little help!

To make a nice sized quilt, we need at least 60 shirts (30 per side).
Right now we have 47 that were donated in Atlanta.

If you would like to donate a shirt for a good cause, send it to me at the address above. Any size will work, it just needs to be new and clean.

Thanks in advance -