2007 Kit Of Parts Specifications

Does anyone know of a spec sheet for some or all of the parts in the 2007 Kit of Parts?
As of now I’m compiling specs for all the important motors, etc. by going to all the different manufacturer’s websites. Very time consuming!

A good place to start would be the Guidelines, Tips, and Good Practices PDF. Also might check the Related Documents & Resources page for links to some other helpful documents.

The “Guidelines Tips and Good Practices” Document (link at the bottom of the FIRST manual web page) has some specs. The Pneumatics Manual has more specs. There are also CAD drawings of many of the parts available from IFI robotics.

If you ask for a few specific specs then you are likely to get more specific answers, but I hope this helps.


The Guidelines Tips and Good Practices definitely helps. Its a lot easier to find the websites. I’m not really looking for specific specs…I’m just compiling them so they are available when we need them. Thanks!

For the CIM motor specs, look here.

The banebots motor specs are all here.

Hope that helped.