2007 Lone Star Regional

Yet another regional thread. If only starting it meant that the season was already here.

At any rate, who’s coming? What dastardly plans do you have for winning? And most importantly, are all you slackers out there going to break down and actually have a mascot for the Friday Macsot Challenge? You can count on LSR living up to its end of the deal and putting on a great event, we just need you guys to be a little more spirited. Especially Team Fusion. Assuming that’s possible.

418 is coming.
Our school mascot had so much fun last year with all of the teams and mascots, that there is talk of bringing along the 2nd mascot this year to share the fun.

Come join in the competition and fun with all of us at LSR - it’s a blast.

364 is going. Woo Hoo!!! Can’t wait either. I’m really pumped about this next season for some reason.

The Toltechs, team 499, have finally gotten all the commitments signed for hosting a local kick-off here in San Antonio. All that is needed is to have 8 teams select this site for kick-off and kit pick-up. I hope this will help with time & $$$ for area teams who otherwise would need to drive into Houston for kick-off.

We have use of a state of the art teleconference theater. It is in the Advanced Technology Center located on the Kelly USA site of the Alamo Community College District.

KellyUSA, Building 210
312 Tinker Drive
San Antonio , Texas 78226

St. Philip’s College southwest Campus, which operates the ATC will be the site for kit pick-up and viewing of the demonstration field items.

800 Quintana Road
San Antonio, Texas 78211-1199


Look for this on the TIMS system when time for selecting your kick-off / kit shipment location draws near. :cool:

OF course 118 will be there… ready to battle it out and have some fun…

We will def. bring the spirit with us

So 57 will obviously be there, but here’s a fun fact for everyone. 57 has attended the Great Lakes Regional in Michigan the past several year to pit ourselves against the greats like 33, 65, 66, 494, etc. in action. Also cause we’re nuts and I have great fun laughing at the students looking foolish in the snow.

At any rate, it appears that the Juggernauts, team 1, will be attending the GLR this year and following us home to Texas to attend the LSR. Perhaps they don’t like the cold as much as us, having to deal with it all the time. Or maybe the tropical heat of Houston sounds appealing from 1,500 miles away. Someone should probably have warned them that Houston is, in fact, a swamp.

But their questionable selection of comfortable clime aside, they’re an awesome team that will definitely bring a new look to the regional this year. Heaven help you all if we pair well with them.

Personal opinion only,
Houston is awesome during LSR.
I think it gets pretty and stays that way just for FIRST.
Never ever a bad time at Lone Star Regional.
Welcome everyone, far and near!

I am going to try to make it and root on my 3rd team. Reliant Arena is an excellent venue! Do you still have to pay for parking?

Yes, you do have to pay for parking, Barry.
For those coming, I would suggest the weekend pass. There is a table setup to the right past the pits and staff is there to assist with that. If no one posts more accurate info, I’ll edit in later.

Barry, you can root for anyone you want to but you have to be real loud and you have to ‘share’ by visiting all us other teams at Lone Star as well. :slight_smile:


Here’s the edit:
You pay $8.00 at the entry gate and keep the receipt. When purchasing the parking pass for 3 days, you present the receipt and they apply the amount towards the pass. You can also pay per day, $8.00, but I don’t think you have in and out access with that.

The amount of the 3 day pass was $30.00 in 2006. The parking pass is for school vans, SUVs, and personal vehicles. There is no charge for school buses or buses that teams have chartered to come to the event.

Does anyone else think that we are expanding and will need a new venue in a year or so… or am i jus the only one

I don’t see how that could possibly be necessary. We’re barely making use of Reliant Arena as it is. We’re only using half of the arena for a single field. There’s easily enough room for a second field if we wanted it, the arena seats 8,500 after all. That means seating for 100 teams bringing 85 people each. As for pit space, there’s huge halls on both sides of the arena that the pits could easily be moved to. The only reason not to at the moment is because the Lobby area is adequate to our needs. Really, if it was absolutely necessary, you could fit 3 fields in the arena proper, and a fourth in the auditorium area.

If it came down to it, you could always move to the Reliant Center and rent some stadium seating. You could easily handle an event the size of nationals that way if you wanted to. And then you wouldn’t have to worry about our measley 15,000 spectators barely filling up the lower half of the stadium.

Team 1745 will be there!

Team 437 will be reporting in bright and early to the 2007 Lone Star Regionals

This year 1902 won’t be attending Lone Star. We had such a blast last year though, and I know that it was a very… very hard decision for the team to go to another regional this year. We’ll be there in spirit, that’s for sure. I hope that we can make it out there again to compete in the near future. Have an awesome time guys!

YAY lol. You can expect some good competition from 118 and 418. We going to have a rematch of last year in the finals hopefully. }=) !!


Team 476, Ponca City WILDCATS are coming and excited for the opportunity to have an AWESOME time…ONLY 2 MORE DAYS!!! YEAH!!:smiley:

Team 846 is coming. We’re from Silicon Valley and this will be our first time to the LSR.

I would like to welcome you to LSR… be ready for an intense battle

We’re looking forward to it. We considered last year a rematch of the year before, though perhaps this year we’ll work together.
Can’t wait to see you guys there.

We can’t wait either… it will be fun and competitive