2007 New England to IRI Travel Plans

Now that the list is out, and there are 5 teams from New England on it I thought it would be appropriate to start a thread to discuss how we are all getting there so that we can be as resourceful as possible whether it is sharing a bus, or just sharing information about cheap flights, or travel routes. Although I may not be able to make it myself, I went for the first time last year and would like to see these teams be able to participate in this top notch event. So 40,121,126, and 190…what are your travel plans?

Although the drive last year itself was not horrible, doing it after a full day of work was just a bad idea. I do not have the time to take the drive this year (or maybe even fly:( ), but I have checked out some flights. I have found that Providence is fairly inexpensive to fly from to get to Indianapolis. I found prices starting at $188 round trip (including taxes and fees).

Also note that if you are getting transportation from the airport for the weekend anyway, Cincinnati airport is only about 100miles away. I have not found any cheap flights there right now, but the way ticket prices change it could be something to keep an eye on.

I’m just throwing out some ideas and hoping others will share too.


I’m interested in what people have to say about this. I’m almost definitely using FF miles… but if there is a better solution, I’m all for it. Also, are teams staying in hotels, or what?

Grrrrr… I just checked… The return date (Sunday) is blacked out… I should have used Capital One!


I checked out what it would cost to drive the motorhome out yesterday and :eek: it would be about $765 just for gas alone, at today’s rates (which will most certainly rise before IRI)… but there would be savings on hotel costs vs. driving a car or flying… may have to skip it again this year.

It would be pretty cool (and economical) if the NE teams could get all their bots and tools together in one trailer. That would be quite a collection of robotic equipment! It would make it easier for teams to fly knowing that their equipment transportation was taken care of.

We would just have to hope that nothing bad happened to the trailer!


Yes, there were several caravans of trucks with team equipment that went down to Atlanta I understand… it is an economical way to do it.

I need a ride back to New England from IRI, since I’ll be getting out there with the last half of a round-trip ticket.

Considering how many teams from New England are going, perhaps a bus would be the most effective way to get everyone there? And, if it is, make sure there is at least one empty seat on the way there :wink: .

For a mere $18,000 those teams interested in attending could purchase a 1981 MC9 Coach Bus. Now, that does work out to be ~$370 per person, but it would pay itself off over time, right?

I like the way you think Chris.
see ya’ll there
mike d

I’m actually stopping in at IRI on my way flying out to Oshkosh. Best half-way point I can think of!

I wonder what the gas mileage on that monster is. Never the less, I believe I have found my first car…

Something about a caravan of New Englanders and their robot stuff just seems wicked cool. bus+a utility van (i.e., a ford E-series) for tools/robots and such?

We get between 7 and 8 MPG with our motorhome, but towing a trailer of New England teams’ tools, etc. would probably bring it down to 6MPG. That’s a lot of expensive gas between CT and IN.

Anyone have any firm plans yet from New England>IRI?
I’m debating traveling to IRI this year as well and looking for some folks to hit the road/skies with.
My preference would be to leave Late weds night after 7pm-ishor Thursday morning and be back to CT on Sunday evening/night at the latest.
2 days off from work, and all the fun of IRI is my preffered plan.
Gotta make it there one of these years, why not this one? lol

Yeah… my FF dates are blacked out for the return…

Is it possible to buy a seat on a bus from a team in CT/NY/RI?
I’d be willing to pay cost of the seat plus some.


It’s not final yet, but we more or less decided that the cheapest way to get to IRI would be by plane. I talked to 190, who was still rounding up HS kids who wanted to go and would not be bringing many, and 126 is most likely taking a few minivans if they go. I’m not sure what 40’s travel plans are, but last I heard from our head mentor, 177 and 121 would share a truck to transport tools + robots, and then fly out from Providence, provided we both go. Flights work out to be $189-$202, depending on specific time preference.

Team 40 & 190 are trying to setup a coach bus to leave from WPI if we can get enough teams. With a stop a Ceedar Point , pm Jessica if your team is interested.

WPI :confused:

idk… maybe I’m tired… but wrong thread?

EDIT: Gotcha… I immediately assumed that WPI was used as in the competition WPI… Sorry to 190!


WPI is the home location for team 190, and they are trying to set up a coach bus to leave from there going to IRI. Worcester is more on the way than Manchester, so it makes sense they would leave from there (unless 40 were to pick 190 up on the way.)

There is currently discussion. If there are confirmed plans that would include members aside from current members of the five invited teams, I promise to announce them. Thanks for your interest!


The New England Invasion Party Bus is currently full! Thanks for all your interest, and we’ll see you in Indy!