2007 New Jersey Regional

Let’s hear it for the NJ regional. Who is competing, who can’t wait, and tell us anything you want about the NJ regional? All news and information concerning the 2007 New Jersey Regional should be discussed here.

I have just received word that Team 204 is coming back to New Jersey and competing once again with the good teams from the “garden state” and everywhere else.

Can’t wait!

i think there is already a thread like this open.

any way 1676 will be back and better than ever.

also looking at the registration team 25 has not entered for the NJ regional (last year chairman’s winners)

Don’t worry, Team 25 will be competing at our home regional once again. We are currently registered for the Hartford regional, and will register for NJ once registration for second regionals begins.

The Sciborgs will be trying to make their way down to the New Jersey regional for the first time for our 2nd regional event. I’m sure we’ll have a blast there (and face some very tough competition too)!

From what i understand team 716 will be going to New Jersey once again this year and also our usual Hartford regional.

1676 will (as said above) be there (hopefully) with a wireless network with forums and possibly scouting data, so bring some wireless-enabled computers!

Lame mantra related to above statement: When everyone pitches in, it always works better! (I think). :smiley:

See you there,

The Canuck

1923 will be there. of course. =]

we had some doubts about it but we’re definitely going to be there, can’t wait to see you all.

Team 11 will be back. Maybe we’ll finally get to win it…
Counts chickens before the eggs are even laid.

1547 is making their first time appearance at the NJ regional!! Right now it looks like we’re the only Canadian team going

I’m so excited that 716 is coming back to Jersey !!
We miss them !!
And I can’t wait to meet some more of the Where’s Waldo girls <33
1089 will be there, of course.

FINALLY!!! I’ll get to meet a Canadian team. This will definitely be a highlight of the Jersey regional for me.

I’ll do my best to find you guys in the stands and in the pits

See you there,

The Canuck

Canadians! sweet! :stuck_out_tongue:

75 will be there as usual :smiley:

Ill be there as ussual, either with a team or some other volunttered capacity

I don’t know…375 is considering. What do you guys think? Should we come? :stuck_out_tongue:

COME !! We LOVE having you guys at our regional !!
You’re always helpful, spirited, and fun to be around.
Plus, generally are good competitors ~__^

Oh yeah!!! Is it March yet guys??? Lmao. I cannot WAIT to get back to Trenton… meet some new friends, and find the old ones again. Haha

108 will be there! This is our first time there and have NO idea what to expect. We, being a Florida team, are really curious to know how cold it is on the first of march? snow even? cant wait!

Does that mean we’ll get SOAP vids of NJ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I do believe so, we SOAPify every event we attend, so unless something drastic happens NJ will be SOAPed. :cool: