2007 NI WEEK, missed it?

So I had the chance to attened NI Week and let me tell you there were some amazing stuff there. I know not everyone had the chance to go but a lot of the keynotes and cool demos are on here VI RoadShow ENJOY!!

Yeah my NI rep stopped by and told me about it afterward. If I’d known sooner I would have gone.

Our team was there a good part of the time providing a demo of the 2007 robot, PHunky’s Dilemma. It was a great event and seemed to be filled with more ‘amazing stuff’ than ever. I was wowed by a lot of the demos and I was wowed by so many former FIRSTers that approached me/us. They were there as reps for different companies and wanted to know all about the robot. Many knew about the '07 challenge. Very exciting. If you are ever in Austin during NI Week, let me know and I’ll meet you there!