2007 Official FRC Game Hint / Email Blast

Good stuff…

What about another tangent:

What if the “diamond plate” is actually the moon? five moon? Fifth planet from the sun is jupiter…

what of that?

back to the baseball theme some of you mentioned. Baseball is played on a diamond, home plate has 5 sides, the five is sitting on a circle. In baseball in you have to touch all 3 bases to score or round the bases. So what if the task is you have to do three things (three colour lights, you have to complete on task before going to the next) and touch home plate to score points

blah I don’t know

How come nobody ask ME what it is like living with HIM??!?!!



Ok…now im sure the “period” has some importance

This is the second time I have seen Dave end his post with a period.

There must be some rhyme or reason…WHY!!!


Ok…now im sure the “period” has some importance

This is the second time I have seen Dave end his post with a period.

There must be some rhyme or reason…WHY!!![/quote]

The reason is to confuse us and cause even more speculation then we already have.

I said this earlier, but dave still has not posted in this thread. The quote was from earlier today, so yes he has been on CD.

Then agian, I’m sure if he did post in this thread it would be just to confuse us even more and the game ideas would get even wierder than they already are.

I’ll bet that just to cause even more speculation, if he did post in this thread, he would only post five times, and I’m sure someone would notice and point it out, resulting in even more unrealilistic guesses and speculations.

True, and If I’ve noticed one thing about Dave, It’s that he is a tricky little lawn gnome. (figuratively speaking)

I sense some photoshopping…

My $0.02 with the whole 5 thing, for one i don’t think it has anything to do with the number of robots on the field of play. With the amount of teams entered growing every year it will be almost impossible to shrink the # of teams on the field. However as mentioned many times before i think 5 will refer to the number of scoring areas or scoring objects on the field.

5 in five different categories?? maybe?

also!! …

the type of metal used… is also used on a ship:P

and theres blue around it :o:O… i sense a water game!! lmao

I now officially HATE the number 5.

toaly agree w/ u on that 1 … man i’d hate to have a birthday on the 5th

I’m glad I don’t. 15th is pretty close though.

Anyone else see the alien face half way up on the right?



someone pointed that out several pages ago…
it reminds me of E.T.
i got it!!! we’re using alians for our game piece!!!

i knew id get it eventually…


if you Google 5, the 5th result is Dole 5 a day. Maybe the game will have something to do with health, then the banana would make sense. Possible games include…

  1. Robots force kids to eat their broccoli (or bananas)
  2. Robots make healthy (banana?) jell-o for dave
  3. Robot exercise
  4. Robots take doghnuts away from kids and give them healthy food (bananas) (any guesses on what dave will do with the doughnuts?:smiley: )
  5. Robots fight an E. coli outbreak

This is getting wierder by the second. I don’t even believe myself.

I think it might deal with “golf”???

the round dimond plate looks like a golf ball and 5-might deal with 5 holes and the blue back ground-I HAVE NO CLUE!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


400 posts and Dave is still laughing. EDIT: correction – he is “Just making it up as I go along…”

did anyone notice that the five was on like a coin or something and not attached to the background

obviously we’re going to have to build boats with giant magnets to pick up the aluminum pieces off the bottom of a pool. duh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Time for advil…

Especially because you can pick up aluminum with a magnet :wink:

Hi, too lazy to read the whole thread.

Boron is the 5th Element. The comp will therefor be very slow and BORing, as in more of a strategy game than an action game like last years. The diamond plate attests to the incredible heat and pressures involved in this game, heat and pressures found in a Generation II star, such as our sun. The sun is in space, obviously symbolized by the nebulous blue background. THUS, the 2007 FRC game will take place IN THE SUN!!! The only option now is to destroy the sun before it’s too late.