2007 Official FRC Game Hint / Email Blast

Of course! The connection between SS and FIRST is profound:

Sunny day - Sweepin’ the clouds away,
On my way to where the air is sweet.
Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street.

Come and play, everything’s A-OK
Friendly neighbors there that’s where we meet
Can you tell me how to get
How to get to Sesame Street

It’s a magic carpet ride. Every door will open wide.
Happy people like you. Happy people who.

Like a beautiful sunny day sweepin’ the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet
Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame street, how to get to Sesame Street, How to get to . .

No such luck.

Oh My God!!!
:eek: :ahh: :eek::ahh:
The name of the band is “The Floaters”, and floating stuff has already been mentioned a lot in this thread, here is one more clue for that…
Someone must get what the Latin guy sais…
i bet my hat it’s a clue!!!

Gimme One Two Three Four
But if you love me more
Gimme Five…

Maybe "Gimme Five is the name of the game? :slight_smile:

blue, blue, blue, blue, blue…

so… blue, eh?

looking really closely i see that the dimond plate has a small gray rim that cuts off the diamonds. i bet its not signifcant but id thought id point it out.

I did not have time to read all the post but I would like to make this observation. Diamond tread plate is used on platforms as a non-skid surface. Just a guess but five platforms at different elevations. Maybe a stair configuration to get to some kind of goal or retreive a game element.

In the blue background there are two groups of five smiley faces, one on the right side and the other on the left side of the DP.

yay somone else that sees it! humm i dont c anyon the left side though the one on the right is in your face this just means the background is really an animation

the group on the left are along the rim of the DP. they are very mall but they are there.

i actually see 2 groups on the right, one is mid picture and the other is in the upper right. just thought i might point that out.


The group you’ve all been waiting for… the lovers of five!

I think the game will put a huge emphasis on robot manuverability because the number five has many arcs and I think the pattern that the robots will have to manuver around goals with with resembe a five due to the five goals on the field that resemble the five of diamonds in a card deck.

I don’t know what is wierder, this or the Pokemon.

If this actually happens, I will be scared. :ahh:

Well I just think that it has nothing to do with the game. Instead all they are going to do is count backwards before they show us the game.

It’s getting a bit too close to kick-off for that theory, isn’t it? Less than four days to go, and the 5 is still there.

this probably doesn’t mean anything but did anybody notice how the top of the circular diamond plate is cut of in a straight line like the top of the 5 and the bottom of the diamond plate is still kinda round like the curve on the 5.

Whoah! There are people on both edges of the diamond plate! In the upper left edge of the diamond plate, and the center right edge of the diamond plate in the large image on FIRST’s website.


Not only, are they faces, but they appear to be the faces of the crowd that have appeared in previous Havabanana productions, just stretched a little, as though they were looking at a rounded object. :ahh:

EDIT: The people are in the blue at the edge locations that I mentioned before. Sorry, I was thinking faster than I could type.

In response to Joel: IDK. Recently, as when I was messing with it in photoshop last week, it was smaller. Perhaps the the GDC realized that the people were not visible in the smaller image. I know I couldn’t detect them.

When you said that I thought of the HAL 9000.

BTW: when did the picture get larger?

From our perspective, could we be looking out at the people through something, like a lens?

EDIT: are you seeing the color in the diamond plate? pinky red, speckly.

Ok…I’ve just done some Photoshop on the photo…
I have nitced that the “5” in the picture has the diamond pattern on it, meaning that the picture was made in a few steps:
First they made the background
Then they put a silver colored ring
Then they put the 5 on it
And onlt then, they made the daimonds…

So that actually means that the 5 and the platform have something to do with each other… and i personnaly think that that means the 5 isnt the number of bots in the game or anything like it.
The “5” has something to do with the diamond platform. But what?

Maybe the “5” is some kind of a shadow falling from somewhere?

I really wanna figure it our before kick-off. DAve, help us please, help…mayday…