2007 Philly Open!

Team 321 will be hosting our first off-season event!

Everything is still tenative, website coming soon…Philly Open is still in it’s infancy but it will happen! Check back for more info!

**Tenative Date: **Saturday June 2nd, 2007
**Entrance Fee: **$200
**Location: **Central High School, in Philadelphia, PA. Located right next to LaSalle University.

We will also be looking for volunteers…MC, refs, field resetters, etc…anything to help. We’ll be getting help from students and our team, but we need all the help we can get!

The best thing to do right now is send me an email or PM with your contact info (i.e. email), so I can add your email to a mailing list when more info is availible. We are on spring break so “administrative” decisions won’t be made until next week.

Hey Justin and Team 321

I would like to be your Emcee for this event. I just sent my contact info to you.

Good Luck at the Championship Event!


Had a brief discussion today with our head coach about the event. We both decided that we needed more time to prepare for the event, so we decided it will be held at a later date, possibly in October.

This will happen, a date hasn’t been determined yet. We’ll be having more meetings this week about the event. We’d like to do it in June, but we need to prepare and get clearance from our principal.

More updates on the way…