2007 Pneumatics Kit

Has anyone recieved their pneumatics kit for this year, since it was not sent with the kit of parts?

What exactly are we supposed to be recieving in this kit?

Thank you.

There has been no update released about it. But I hope it ships soon since we really need them.

SMC 2 SY3240-6HZ-X70 3.0 oz. Double solenoid valve-12vdc complete
SMC 1 SY3240- 3.0 oz. Single solenoid valve- 12vdc, complete
SMC 3 SY3000-27-1T 2.0 oz. Sub plate for double solenoid valve
SMC 6 NAS2201F-N01-07S 0.6 oz. Flow control
SMC 10 KQH07-34S 0.3 oz. Fitting, Straight 1/4 Tube
SMC 10 KQL07-35S 0.2 oz. Fitting, 90 Elbow 1/4 Tube
SMC 5 KQT07-00 0.5 oz. Fitting, Male Run T 1/8 NPT -1/4 Tube
SMC 1 KQ2L03-34S 0.5 oz. Male, 90 degree Elbow 5/32" tube 1/8"NPT
SMC 1 KQ2H03-34S 0.5 oz. Male Conn., 5/32" tube- 1/8"NPT

Yes we really need to get this kit soon also