2007 RachaCha Ruckus

We’re already planning ahead for the 2007 Rachacha Ruckus here in Rochester NY. If your team is down in Atlanta and have never been to the Ruckus please seek out team 1511 Rolling Thunder or talk to their mentor here on CD for a personal invitation package. This will be the 3rd annual event hosted by the local Finger Lakes Teams.

The time frame is typically Halloween weekend time frame in October. It’s a fun time for all - if you have suggestions for team activities you’d like to see please let Kim O’Toole, Koko Ed, or myself know and we can see what we can do.

Hope your team can come do the Rachacha!:slight_smile:

So who’s up for a little Halloween robot action in Upstate NY?

I want to make it this year, but I doubt 1089 will make the trek up there. Though, I think we’ve finally convinced our advisor to let us do IRI so maybe there’s some hope. I’ll see if I can make it, at least to volunteer though!

Yes, come stop by 1511’s pits. We will have a little goodie bag of information (and goodies) for teams about the Ruckus. The Ruckus III is going to be a blast this year! Make sure you put it on your Calenders!

I would love to come but I don’t know if the team can go…so hopefully they can. It sounds cool

You mean its not already? :-p I have it marked down for the next few years. I recommend to all teams to come. Pie in the eye is something everyone should experience or at least see.

I’ll do it again! Only if it’s the same stuff from before, that tasted so goood!

hmmm… well I would be up for it… but someone kind of didn’t show up at IRI last year and hang out with me. So I am a little bit upset here. How about he shows up and we go hang out and do crazy things again and then I come to Rha Cha Cha and pie EVERYONE?

Ed… you better make plans and talk to your wife to go to IRI so arefin goes to the Ruckus!

Well I may go this year with the date change and all but don’t quote me…

I nominate Arefin for the deluxe pie treatment. I am willing to give up my spot.

That’s very noble of you Steve but I think we’ll just add another bag.
They’re inexpensive.:stuck_out_tongue:

i am thinking of being up for being pied…my team mates want to get me…anyone else willing to spend money to hit me with a pie? knowing me my girlfriend will get to do it…:stuck_out_tongue:

But Cromier is the Sparx sacrifi…uh, I mean volunteer. I can $20 from the Sparx alone just for the opportunity to smash him in the face (with a pie) I bet I can get another $10 easy from Division by Zero as well!

yeah but i will draw some money from SparX and some from Jay(if he comes which he wont), from 340 and 424, they will wanna get me, i know they will.

I think you might be able to get more than $30 for Cromier. I put in $10 last year for Rees I think. If somebody really wants to pie someone, they will put out the money. I’m also up for being pied. I’m sure I could get people from different teams to wat to pie me.

Do local teams still get a goodie package for stoping by? :smiley:

Do local teams still get a goodie package for stoping by?

If you’ve never been to Ruckus before…yes.

And don’t worry…I’m not up for being pied!

hm, well technically, we’ve been to the Ruckas, just not with a robot of our own.

i would def invest some of my money in his bag hahahahahaha:D