2007 Rookie Meet & Greet!!

Team 1511 will be hosting the **3rd Annual Rookie Meet & Greet **at 12:30pm on Thursday April 12 (Immediately following the webhug!!)

**Who’s Invited: **All 2007 Rookie Teams!! (and any veterans that want to meet this year’s great rookie teams!)
**When: **Thursday, April 12, 12:30pm (following webhug)
Where: Lawn under the photo banner in the Courtyard
**What’s Happening: **Fun Introduction Game, Distribution of Great Rookie packets with tons of information on Atlanta & your upcoming years, Meet & Greet other Rookie Teams! Find out what it took for them to get to Atlanta!
**Bonuses!!: **Free Prizes for Rookies!! Group Photo of all Rookie Teams (emailed to you!!), Rookie Summary Booklet - get some great info on all the Rookies at Championships!

As an extra, we will be continuing our collections for Operation Paperback, as we have every year. Bring gently used books/novels for donation to the troops! We will be collecting these in our pits as well.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the AMAZING ROOKIES who have made it so far this year!! The Rookies just keep getting better & better! You all Rock!!

This sounds awesome. Unfortunately, most of our team is coming thursday night to save $ on hotel :frowning: , but I will definitely be there.

I’ve never been to Champs before… So I don’t know… Is this near the WebHug?


It quite literally is the webhug. (Well, the webhug happens on one side of the banner, I guess.)

Hey, Kim, you got a spot open for me to help out? I want to make myself useful while I’m in Atlanta and I’ll be at the Webhug anyways. I guess I could just go and meet the rookies, but helping make this a success would be much more fun. And I’d get to meet everyone…

I’ve also got a bunch of books I should bring, but probably will forget about.

Jacob - dont worry, we will make sure you get the info to get to your team. Its mostly just for fun, you can meet some of the other rookies, see what they’ve done, where they have been :slight_smile:

Jeremiah - of course!! The more the merrier… if you meet us just before (or during the CD webhug), you can help hand out packets, chat with rookies, etc.

Great, thanks. I’ll be looking forward to it.

The all-rookie Meet & Greet (ARMAG) in Atlanta is a HUGE fun time for all rookie teams. Yes, team 1511 “Rolling Thunder” started this event three years ago; so you’re guaranteed to have fun this year! Team 1511 won the 2007 Regional Chairman’s Award at the Finger Lakes Regional, so they’ve got lots of “success stories” to share with all rookie teams.

Have fun in Atlanta, just do it “graciously”.

Also, at the Rookie Meet & Greet, team 1511 has been collecting gently-used paperback books for a really great worldwide organization called www.operationpaperback.org. OpPaperback has shipped over 600,000 books to the US troops serving overseas! Some of the grateful letters from the troops that have received books can be found at: http://www.operationpaperback.org/troops.htm

So, come to the 3rd annual ARMAG, have fun, meet other rookie teams, and learn from Rolling Thunder (team 1511)

2158 AusTIN CANS will try to make it out there.
Is there someone we can call just in case we get lost ?

You can’t really get lost, don’t worry!
There is a HUGE FIRST banner in the Courtyard. Look for that, and you’ll fall over it. Besides, this is place you’ll be very familiar with by lunchtime (it’s the only way for the general public to go between the GA Dome & the pits). =)

Fun Stuff…I’ll be there!

This is such a great event and there is so much good information in the rookie packets that all rookie teams can use! Thursday is a crazy day so do you best to get at least a few members to the All Rookie Meet and Greet!