2007 San Diego Regional

Well … looks like no one has started this thread yet … so I’ll take a moment to do so :slight_smile:

Team 1388 is excited to be a part of the birth of another great FRC regional.

Lucky is just as excited as we are to be going there … to see a little more about him (or her?) … you can see a teaser video HERE (13mb WMV9)

Feel free to stop by our pit if you need anything (or if you just want to say hi :smiley: ). We’re extremely pleased to announce that we will have a special item to offer to every single team at the regional … more information to come on that. And no, it is not a button or something that has ever been given out before (at least as far as I know of )

Woo… free stuff. We’ll be there.

By the way, great video too. Can’t wait to see Lucky in person!

See you in a month!

Hey, I will be running the Robot FIRST Aid Station again. If any teams want a special request for me to put on the database or if they have any suggestion, feel free to contact me.

For those who are new to what we do, the FIRST Aid Station is a database that 599 does of what everyone at regionals brings, to which if a team needs a part, we tell them which teams need the part. As well, we have experienced students go out to teams who have not passed inspection and/or are not finished with the robot and give them an extra hand or some advice of how to fix problems.

We are already updating the list and adding a new section so if your team has some expertise that you would like to help other teams with, we can include that when teams ask for help.

*yes I copied from the LA Regional thread, but im in english class and dont have time to write up another intro… lol. *

Can’t wait for SD, see you guys there

Thank You,
599 RoboDox

Sounds Great. Looking foward to seeing you all there. And Good Luck to all teams.

Likewise. :wink: :slight_smile:

Watch out for Beach Bots, or are you guys going to “cream” us (thinking of 1538, the Holy Cows)?

Well I’m obviously going to be here. You’ll most likely see me around late Friday, and all day Saturday. Please say hi if you find me :slight_smile:

See everyone there!

According to the 2007 webcast schedule, the San Diego Regional will be webcasted.

Obviously we’ll be there with Daisy

We’re just finishing up the last of our competition stuff before it goes off to the printers. Perhaps San Diego will see the debut of our new ‘Got FIRST?’ schwag.

I will be attending just to stop by and see what i have been missing out on for the last year or so. . . I have a feeling that going to this competition will get me back into the spirit. Hope to see everyone there.

Team 1510 will be there with our Red Kiss

It will undergo a couple modifications at the San Diego regional based on new knowledge gained from the Portland Regional, so we hope it will perform as well as it did during practice.

The robot has proven to be very reliable, never broke down. Also, in one of our matches our alliance scored 76 points (tubes only) while the other alliance one with one robot up on the ramp with a score of 106. Quite the match.

We have an autonomous that has worked multiple times, but have some kinks to be hammered out. Here is a short video of the robot in action during autonomous:

I look forward to seeing you all at the competition! And if you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re here to have a good time, and do the best we can, and we believe everyone should have a great experience, regardless of issues faced during the matches. So!

See you all there! Best of luck!


Lamda Lamda Lamda!!! see u guys there!!!

So you know, the “item” is a circuit board for the ifi backup battery charging circuit. If you need clarification to what that is here is a link to the schematic http://ifirobotics.com/docs/first-backup-charger.pdf. The parts for the board will need to be acquired separately but Team 1515 will be providing them free of charge as well. Hope to see you all there and good luck and send me a message if you have any questions.

do you guys use the camera to track the green light and cap in auto that way? or do you dead reckon like what beachbots did in LA?

btw, we’ve got our programmer working day and night getting our camera to work :smiley: can’t wait until we stack in auto.

696 will be there with The Burd. Lift tickets will be available on an as needed basis. :smiley: One very important note, if you are in a match with us, try to get your robot test lifted before-hand, in the practice field area.

I hope to be inspecting Thursday, so look for me around. As a note to teams, you better not make me wear my inspector badge on Friday. Let’s get you all passed on Thursday please. Numbers, flag holders, wiring, pneumatics, the whole bit.

Does anyone have any info on the social? I haven’t heard or read anything.

Ah yes the social…

Yes there will be a social. It will be Friday (3/23) from 6pm-8:30pm at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. All the exhibits in the museum will be opened up, including (from what I understand) the restoration facilities below the building, which are usually off limits. This museum is actually one of the better ones in San Diego. Also, dinner will be served to all attendees in the outdoor courtyard.

Should be a great event! 70% of the teams will have already competed at a regional.

As an inspector, I am thrilled. :slight_smile:

Or have been practicing for the last few weeks… Tomorrow were actually running against another San Diego team who has a practice robot.

we used to use the camera and an ultrasonic range finder. The camera would track till we lined up and lost the signal because it was to high up, then we’d use the ultrasonic to bounce off the rack and find our distance from the rack. Once it was at the distance we wanted, i’d drop the tube, open the claw, and back off.
Since the rack is at an angle a lot, the ultrasonic isn’t working as well because the signal ricochets off at an angle and doesn’t come back to the sensor, so instead we’re going to use the camera to line up until it loses the track, then move forward through turning the motors on for about 1 second, then drop the tube. Our alignment with the rack is good, its just we’re either to close or too far, and we expect to correct that really soon. It should be functioning well at San Diego. :smiley: