2007 Sensors Have Arrived


The 2007 special order gyro (on the right) and accelerometer (on the left) sensors finally arrived along with the second set of green target cathodes.

Re: FIRST email blast notices and reminders:

Where did you order them from?

sensors@usfirst.org, I think the e-mail address is. They had to have been ordered by January 19th though, an e-mail blast went out to all teams.

You mean since we didnt order them before the 19th we can’t have gyros on this year?

You can have them, its now just unlikely that FIRST will give them to you for free.

If we make a custom gyro circuit, do we have to connect it to the 12V battery through a 20A breaker? I ask because as I saw the picture, I remembered reading a rule saying all custom electronics would have to be wired up as aforementioned. The circuit isn’t really that custom. It involved taking an eval board from analog devices and finishing up the connections. I’m hoping we can just hook it up to the 5V source on the RC, because things get annoying otherwise.

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