2007 Silicon Valley regional makes local TV news

the regional made the local FOX news here is the video link. They call it robot wars but it really doesn’t match the story.

Cool video. It’s Cheesy POOFS not Puffs…

Hey our teacher walked by in the backround…

They showed 115!!! YAY Christian!:smiley:
“Our whole school is full of geeks and nerds”:stuck_out_tongue: very nice

But no! We’re not Monte Vista(1458), we’re MONTA VISTA, there’s a difference you know!

Even the Cheesy Poofs can’t escape the name butchering.

YAY 971 in the background!

the title may be misleading, but they did a good job of conveying the point.

SVR made the 11:00 AM news yesterday too.

Excellent coverage! Thanks for posting the link.

At 8:30am, I caught a video clip from one of the Regional’s on FOX and Friends Weekend program. I sent a quick thank-you for covering FIRST and asked them to do the same at the GA Championship.

It’s great to see positive news events and especially FIRST getting recognition.

Update: I just found out the clip was from the Chesapeake Regional in Annapolis.

Yay! They showed team 692! XD

Mmm…but for some reason it’s not playing the sound on my computer. sigh

I know Deans homework this year was to get the word out to congress etc and it has had great results, but there is something else we should/could do on our own to spread the word of FIRST. Next, or even this year, teams should try to get the word out to the media as well.

The UTC regional for example, had cameras from local stations taking footage, but there was no story actually done (yet at least) and none of the footage was shown during the broadcast.

Homework to all teams
Email your local news stations and newspapers and ask them to come out to the competition and see what it is all about. Maybe even try some of the national media corporations?! See if you can get get them interested in FIRST and also if they will do a story on the competition or even your team. Getting the word out is what makes FIRST grow and this would be an excellent method.