2007 St. Louis Regional

Registration for the 2007 St. Louis Regional is approaching 60% of capacity (25/42), with [strike]seven[/strike] eight states represented as of this evening. Breakdown is as follows: 10 teams from the immediate St. Louis area, 6 from the Kansas City area, 4 from Indiana, 2 from Iowa, and one each from Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Mississippi. So far there are six rookie teams registered.

Based on strong past performance, I’ll go out on a limb and predict at least one Indiana team in the 2007 winning alliance.

You can count on another from Indiana signing up, as a second regional. The TechnoKats attended back in 2003 and it’s time to go again.

Never been up in the Arch,
Andy B.

Andy, I’ll make it a priority to see that you get to the Arch. As an engineer you might actually prefer the movie on how it was constructed, shown several times a day in one of two theatres located in the museum under the base, to the somewhat claustrophobic elevator ride that gets you to the top. The views from up there are nice, though.

It sways - the best part is put your back up against it at the base and then look up. That is fun.

The Rat Pack is looking at a trip to St. Louis this year. We want to do a Week 1 event, and we’ve heard nothing but good things about this regional. So, hopefully we’ll add Michigan to your list of states…

We plan on signing up once we can as our 2nd regional. Hopes its as fun as its been the past 2 years.

As soon as we get it togeather, the MASMabots will be joining in!

Rumor as it that the ThunderChickens will be at St. Louis this year (we like following the teknokitties around) …

Egad! :eek: Thunderchickens!

Last year the Bomb Squad and the Beast, this year the T-Kats and Thunderchickens!

The rafters will resound, the floor will shake! (Really, it will; it’s on plastic tiles over an ice hockey rink!)

Unfortunately the Robot Rams will not be attending the competition this year. All of our mentors left to teach at other schools and we have not found anyone who will be a mentor and get the team going this year. Hopefully we will be back next year.


Hopefully we can work something out with Spartan Robotics (2014) so you can continue in FIRST. We could use your experience, and “What?!?” says Hi.


Just saw the note that FIRST will no longer be involved with the hotel recommendations. River City Robots (the Channel Cats FRC team 1094) is based in St. Charles County and would be happy to give you ideas of where to stay. The other St. Charles County teams are team 1288 and team 1706. Going out a limb, I would say they would be happy to assist as well.

What’s this? A robotics POKE WAR? :smiley: Sounds like a good reason to pool $500 for a hotel in St. Louis, other than watching the Cardinals and Mets plodding around like they’re the evil Yanks.

Nobody is as evil as the Yanks. Let’s suspend discussion of the Cards and Mets for the next four hours or so. :slight_smile: (I’ll be offline, glued to my TV, until Game 5 is over. StL is a baseball town…)

But if you’re serious about coming to STL March 1-3, let me know and we’ll get you signed up as a volunteer. Go for field reset, and you’ll get to see the action up close.

I am pumped about this one! It will be realllllllly fun!

This is gonna be interesting, The usually very aggressive defense i’ve experienced the last 2 years and several more offensive teams (217.45) this should make an amazing regional. see all of you there

Two more states are now represented:

939 Sisseton, South Dakota (formerly known as Hiphopanonymous) STL 2005 Champs and participants at STL every year since 2002, and

1472 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a fourth year team coming to STL for their first time.

So we’re up to ten states so far. I’m guessing, in about a week, Michigan will make it eleven.

14 out of 42 published spaces are still available, with six days until 2nd regional registration opens.

With one day of 2nd regional registration nearly complete, the 2007 St. Louis state-count is up to 13 including pending registrations of teams from Michigan, Wisconsin, and New York!

And it is looking like a full-scale Hoosier invasion, with EIGHT teams from Indiana now registered or pending. :slight_smile:

YESSS were in and comin back for our third year and this is gonna be interesting a normally very defensive regional with the world champion coming in and the technokats geez

All five of the Week 1 regionals are now booked to their published capacity, assuming that the pending teams confirm. So it looks like there will be at least 242 teams competing in the five Week 1 events.

Several of the teams that will be competing at St. Louis have demonstrated in past games that they can rack up the points. (1625 should be mentioned in that group. :wink: ) I think Gear is right – we are in for some interesting competition.