2007 UTC Connecticut Regional!

I woke up today and realized - hey, where’s UTC’s thread?

In it’s 9th year, the UTC Connecticut Regional is getting even better with improved seating, and some surprises we can’t talk about just yet :wink:

So, who is going to the regional you voted as the Best Regional in the East, and who is excited?

Don’t forget to sign up to volunteer at https://my.usfirst.org/vims/ ! We were trying out a new email system that had some issues, so if you sent messages to it and it did not work, please send all volunteer-related conversation to FIRSTCTRvolunteers AT gmail.com


Rosie :slight_smile:

I am very excited for the UTC Regional this year! It falls on the first weekend of my spring break, so I won’t need to worry too much about homework. Plus, all kinds of crazy good teams are going to be competing there. I haven’t checked entirely, but at least 3 teams that played on Einstein last year are coming to UTC, plus a bunch of other regional winners, and just generally strong-robot teams.

The competition is going to be fierce, and I think we’re going to see some of the lowest scores posted nationwide (due to amazing defense and precision spoiler control, of course).

You showed us a great time last year, and the kids voted to return this year.
Probably pitted right next to Rosie again.
We’ll see you there!

I cant wait for UTC this year… there is deff gonna b some crazy competition this year!!!

see you guys there

We’ll see if we can’t post a few high scores too, due to the construction of some amazing robots :slight_smile:

I would love to make the trip over to Connecticut again to help out and volunteer like last year, but i do believe i have school that week and i dont think i’d want to take the trip from California alone… haha.

im sure this regional will be quite awesome though.

I’ll be there volunteering and hope to see a lot of you there!

I’d expect nothing less from the Volunteer of the Year :slight_smile:

This is going to be the first regional of my FIRST career and I can’t wait. As Greg said it is going to be fierce.

Hello everyone!

I definately can’t wait for UTC this year. Last year, new venue, great event! Honestly, I don’t know if I have seen an event which matched the excitment and electricity that the Connecticut regional had last year. The loud banging of feet on the bleachers, the music, the excitment…made for quite possibly the best regional that Connecticut has held since the NE Regional moved to Hartford in 1999. 2007 promises to be just as exciting.

To the teams attending, don’t forget to bring your bumpers. Things get a little rough out here in New England!

If you aren’t competing, I highly encourage you to volunteer for the event. Its people like those of you who volunteer who make the competition work. There are plenty of available jobs to be done, so throw your name into VIMS.

Hope to see you all there!

I’m excited! This is the first year my team is attending the UTC Regional, and though I tried (VERY!) hard to get there last year, this will be my first year there too! I can’t wait for the tough competition!

549, the DevilDawgs will be there :slight_smile:

I’m excited…I’ve heard a lot about UTC, so i’m interested to see how it compares to the Granite State Regional.

The Blue Alliance will be there. We’ve got something thats going to blow your mind…

:confused: :eek: :cool:

Gaelhawks will definitly be there and our painting skills are much better than last year for anyone who remembers the 3 body painted 230 people walking around… much, much better… and I’ve heard a lot about you and your mohawk and will definitly be stopping by to talk to you…you seem like a rocker which is definitly a good thing… Yeah…anyway we’ll definitly be there and painted again this year and also ooking for some more hackie sack action so if you want to play come find us… always looking to meet some cool new people


I may even be making a trek down from Canada to visit this event! If I’m there, I’ll be the one draped in a Canadian flag

I can’t wait to go. I hear it’s a great regional with some tough competition= lots of fun!

Anything fun to do around the venue? We’re staying to the Marriott connected to the convention center.

im excited… sort of. i can only hope that our robot will live up to the UTC NER standards… and let me tell you i am not looking forward to programming it.

dual targets + 3 closed PID loops + a slew of teams that wrecked the competition last year = some fierce competition

Looking at the teams, I think this may be the most intense regional this upcoming year

I dont know about directly at the venue, butexcept for a few teams playing ultimate frisbee and hackie sack, but last year was good because it landed on the same day as a parade so we watched that for a while