2007 Virginia FIRST Robot Rumble

Who’s ready for the Robot Rumble this Saturday and Sunday? With 18 teams and 54 qualifying matches this should be really exciting. Thanks to VA FIRST for running this!

how is the tournament gonna work? 6 alliances, with two that get to the semis automatically? I’m really psyched. I won’t be there till sunday (booo SATs!) but i know Sunady will be great. last year guys did a really awesome job and im definitely pumped for the competition! see everybody then!

We will be running 2 v 2 out at the fair. I’ll post a full list of competitors tomorrow.


339 - Commonwealth Governor’s School
346 - LC Bird HS
384 - JR Tucker HS
414 - Hermitage Technical Center
422 - Maggie L Walker Governor’s School
539 - Trinity Episcopal School
540 - Mills Godwin HS
617 - Highland Springs HS
619 - Cavalier Robotics
975 - James River HS
1086 - Deep Run HS
1522 - Hanover HS
1599 - Atlee HS
1655 - Smyth County Career and Technical Center
1731 - Fresta Valley Christian School
1793 - Norview HS
1885 - Battlefield HS
2106 - Goochland HS


Rankings at the end of Saturday after 36 qualifying matches.

  1. 339, at 8-0
  2. 1731
  3. 384
  4. 1086
  5. 414
  6. 617
  7. 619
  8. 1655
  9. 975
  10. 346
  11. 1885
  12. 1522
  13. 1793
  14. 540
  15. 1599
  16. 2106
  17. 539
  18. 422

I was hoping someone has a list of rankings that we can use. Thanks a lot for your trouble!

That was the most exciting elimination rounds I have ever seen! To see a match with four excellent robots and only one tube scored is really intense. Good competition from all. Thanks for a great event!!

I found the Virginia FIRST website

I’m curious to know the history of the Robot Rumble competition in Virginia ? How many years, how many teams participate ?

I believe this is the second year of the state fair rumble. We had 18 teams participate.

There were definitely many more teams participating during the 2006 rumble.

As mentioned above, this was only the second year of the Virginia Robot Rumble, and as in 2006, was held at the Virginia State Fair in Richmond, Va.
However, there is a long history of off-season events in the greater Washington DC area, giving virtually every team attending the Va. RR an off-season competition within a few hour drive. In 2002 and 2003 there was a competition held during the Maryland State Fair, and in 2005 there was the Capitol Clash in Washington DC during the NBC4 Digital Edge Expo. Since then there has been the Virginia Robot Rumble (2006 & 2007) and the Baltimore Brawl (2007) in the area.

Goochland had a great time at the Rumble. It was our first off season event. It was a lot less stressful than a regional and a great opportunity to get some of our new members a taste of what FIRST is all about. We will be back.

18 teams participated in about 60 qualifying matches this year, there were 13 per team. Want to teach new drivers or coaches? Lots of matches for lots of practice.

With only 18, we ran 2v2 so as to not totally run the teams into the ground. For the elims, we did 9 alliances and 8 and 9 had a play in round. Seemed to work out well.

We look forward to seeing more teams come back again next year!


Yep, 1885 rotated drivers nearly every match until the finals. Different people were put into pit positions they needed to learn but had never done before, and you could tell – in 3 matches we started with dead batteries :ahh: and our best set of drivers came from somewhere we would have probably never looked otherwise.:smiley:

We also had a couple of student leaders emerge from this offseason Rumble, which can do nothing but help the team in the upcoming FRC season.

I had a great time , it was some of the best and closest matches ever.
It was my first time driving , and I had a blast driving with 339.

Most everyone was gracious and professional and we cant wait to see everyone again at VCU

Who won?

336 and 1655, i think…

Do you mean 339 CGS? There was not a team 336 there.

It was 339 and 1522.

yep 339 and 1655 was on the other team in the finals.

here are some of the pictures one of my parents took during the first day of the Rumble. There are a lot of pictures of 2106 in there, but there are also good images of 339, 1086, Sparky and several others.